Photo of Gerald deMontigny

Gerald deMontigny

Associate Professor, Retired

Degrees:B.A (History, UBC); MSW (Toronto); MA (Sociology, O.IS.E),Ph.D. (Sociology, O.I.S.E.)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3658

Courses Taught:

  • Social work practices with individuals and families
  • Direct Intervention Theory

Research Interests:

  • Ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and social work
  • Marxist materialism & reflexive social work
  • Anti-oppression, intersectionality, and race theories
  • Experiences of children and youth in care


  • de Montigny, Gerald A.J. (1995). Social Working: An Ethnography of Front-line Practice. Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto Press.

Chapters in Books

  • de Montigny—(2014).  Doing Child Protection Work.  In Dorothy E. Smith & Susan Marie Turner (Eds.), Incorporating texts into institutional ethnographies (pp. 173-194).  Toronto, ON:  University of Toronto Press.
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Papers in refereed journals

  • de Montigny, Gerald. (2016). Jaywalking through intersectionalities.  Intersectionalities: A global journal of social work analysis, research, polity, and practice.  5, #2: 12-34.
  • de Montigny, Gerald. (2016).  Social workers’ peculiar contribution to ethnographic research.  Qualitative Social Work, On-line first: 1-17.
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Chapters in Conference Proceedings

  • de Montigny, Gerald A.J. (1999). Changing Families, Changing Places. In Claudio Violato, Oddone-Paolucci, Elizabeth, Genuis, Mark (Eds.), The changing family and child development: Proceedings from the First International Congress Sponsored by the National Foundation for Family Research and Education (pp. 402-425). Calgary, Alberta: The National Foundation for Family Research and Education.
  • de Montigny, Gerald A.J. (1999). Cutting Social Services: Who bleeds? Gerald Barlow (Ed.), Child care policies and structures: An International Perspective (pp. 9-16). Glasgow, Scotland: The Centre for Residential Child Care.

Technical Reports

  • de Montigny, Gerald A.J. (July 2005). A theoretical framework for working with Adolescents. In Gary C. Dumbrill (Ed.), Child welfare in Ontario: Developing a collaborative intervention model (Consultation draft) (pp. 125-133). Toronto, ON: Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies.
  • de Montigny, Gerald A.J. (June 1993). The Assumptions of non-Aboriginal Child and Family Services. Background paper for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. (122 pages)

Conference Papers

  • de Montigny. (Nov, 2016).  Social work as ethnomethodology: A synchrony in two movements. Paper presented to 4th Congresso Internacional de Serviço Social.  Lisbon, Portugal.
  • de Montigny. (June 2016). Flipping out! Or the flipped classroom.  Paper presented to the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. Calgary, AB.
  • de Montigny.  (May, 2015).  Jaywalking through intersectionalities.  Paper presented to the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work.  Ottawa, ON.
  • de Montigny.  (Feb 10, 2014).  “Not doing nothing.  But doing What.  Paper presented to the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference.  Las Vegas.
  • de Montigny.  (Feb 10, 2014).  The peculiar contribution of social work to ethnographic research.  Paper submitted to the American Association of Behavioral and Social Science Conference.  Las Vegas.
  • de Montigny–The paradox of conflict and collaboration  (May 2011).  Qualitative Analysis Conference.  Wilfred Laurier.  Brantford Campus.
  • de Montigny–Grievance Work.  (May 2010).  Qualitative Analysis Conference.  Wilfred Laurier.  Brantford Campus.
  • de Montigny–Grievance work and social justice.  (May/June 2010 CASWE).  Concordia University, Montreal.  May, 2010.
  • de Montigny—The essentialism of whiteness: Abandoning empirical engagement.  Canadian Association of Social Work Educators (CASWE).  Carleton University.  May 2009
  • de Montigny—Local practices and globalization.  Canadian Association of Social Work Educators (CASWE).  Carleton University.  May 2009
  • de Montigny— Ethnomethodological indifference: Just a passing phase?  Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research: 26th Qualitative Analysis Conference. University of Waterloo.  May 2009.
  • de Montigny— Disagreeing, contradicting, and physical distancing: Troubles in recipient design. Paper to be presented at the Qualitative Analysis Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON: May 03.
  • de Montigny— Oppression, privilege, and Guilt: Escape from the Wasteland. Paper to be presented at the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work Annual Conference, Halifax, NS: June 03.
  • de Montigny— Which side are you on? IE and Loyalty in Social Work. Institutional Ethnography Conference, Victoria, BC, June 28, 2002.
  • de Montigny— “Textual Order: An Institutional Ethnography of “Looking After Children”. Institutional Ethnography Conference, Syracuse University, Syracuse New York, June 2-5, 2001.
  • de Montigny— “Looking After Children: Textual conflations, Collapsing Relations”. Paper presented at Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work, Laval University, Montreal Quebec. May 31-June 3, 2001.
  • de Montigny— “The experience of children and youth in care”. Paper presented at Conference Renewed Hope: Keeping children and youth at the centre. Ontario Association of Court Related Clinical Services. Elmhirst, ON. October, 25-27, 2000.
  • de Montigny— “Textual Regulation of Children in Care”. Paper presented at conference 16th Annual Qualitative analysis. University of New Brunswick and St Thomas University, Fredericton, NB. May 13-16, 1999.
  • de Montigny— “Institutional Production of Children’s Narratives”. Paper presented at conference Social Transformation and Activism: The Application of Institutional Ethnography. Arizona State University West, Phoenix, Arizona. March 10 to 14, 1999.
  • de Montigny— “Who Bleeds when social services are cut?” Paper presented at conference, Restructuring and Transformation of Canadian Institutions: Applications of Institutional Ethnography. York University, Toronto, Ontario. October 28-31, 1998.
  • de Montigny— “It says here…”: Techniques of textual absorption and resistance.” Paper presented at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA. April 15 to 19, 1998.
  • de Montigny— “Changing Families/Changing Places.” Paper presented at conference The Changing Family and Child Development to be held at the University of Calgary July 10-12, 1997. (Paper written but not presented due to death in family. However, to be submitted for inclusion in conference proceedings—see below under Work in Progress.)
  • de Montigny— “Cutting Social Services.” Paper presented at the Realities and Dreams: Children in Residential Care Conference, University of Strathcylde, Glasgow, Scotland. September 1996.
  • de Montigny— “Writing and Erasing Children’s Accounts.” Paper presented at the Social Science Methodology Conference, Essex University, Colchester, England. July 1996.
  • de Montigny— “Cutting Social Services: Who Bleeds?” Paper presented at the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work Conference, Brock University, St. Catherine, Ontario. June 1996.
  • de Montigny— “Children’s Experiences of Being in Care.” Paper presented at the Qualitative Analysis Conference, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. May 1996.

Journal Book Reviews

  • de Montigny – (June 2005). Christopher Hall, Kirsi Juhila, Nigel Parton & Tarja Pösö. Constructing clienthood in social work and human services: Interaction, identities and practices. Qualitative Social Work, 4, 2: 229-236.
  • de Montigny– (Winter 1993). Kay Feehan & David Hannis. “From Strength to Strength: Social Work Education and Aboriginal People,” by. The Social Worker/Le Travailler Social, 61, #4, 187.

Work in Progress

  • de Montigny– Conversation analysis for social work: Working with youth in care.  Book manuscript submitted for review.


  • Director School of Social Work, Carleton University.
  • CUASA Grievance Chair (2000-2012).
  • CUASA Steering Committee member (1995-2012).