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Filipe Duarte

PhD Student

Degrees:BSW, MSW (Instituto Superior Miguel Torga)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 4328
Office:626 Dunton Tower, Carleton University
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About Me

I’ve been a PhD Student at Carleton’s School of Social Work since September 2012. I hold a BSW and MSW in Social Work from the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, in Coimbra, Portugal. At the Carleton School of Social Work I have been working as teaching assistant since September 2013. I coordinated the Centre for Studies on Poverty and Social Citizenship from July 2013 to October 2014. As a PhD student and researcher, I am also affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Social Work and Sociology (CESSS), Catholic University of Portugal and with the research group “Public Interest Policies and Human Development” at the Centre for Studies in Human Development, Catholic University of Portugal.

As a social worker in Portugal, I formerly worked in long-term care, community-based organization for the elderly, as well with different multidisciplinary teams with multi-assisted / multi-problem poor families on social assistance and with children with special needs. As a trainer and consultant, I worked in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008) projects for several Portuguese non-profit organizations.

Why I Chose Carleton

I chose the School of Social Work at Carleton University as an opportunity to become part of structural social work environment, pioneered here by Maurice Moreau, Colleen Lundy and Steven Hick. In Europe, citizens are feeling the effects of cuts in social programs, which are a component of neoliberalism. The process and the results of the neoliberal agenda, in particularly austerity measures, have created conditions in which the fundamental social rights of citizens are being violated. As an European social worker, I was asked and challenged to analyze the reconfiguration of social citizenship rights and, the resultant impact of austerity measures. In this sense, since I join the PhD program I have developed my critical thinking and I can now acknowledge the political dimensions of policy making and the need of social workers to engage in multifaceted struggles to regain influence within the political and public arena.

My Research

My research focuses on Europe after the 2008 Economic Crisis. As a social worker, my aim is to examine how social citizenship rights are shifting or have been shifting since the 2008 European economic crisis. In order to be in a position to critically understand the undermining and depletion of social citizenship rights promoted by the neoliberal agenda beyond the 2008 European Economic Crisis, I intend to conduct a critical analysis that cover three broad areas: political economy of austerity, the different responses to the welfare state in “Liberal, Corporatist and Scandinavian” countries, and Portugal as an example of a fourth type of welfare state (Mediterranean model). The third area explores the resultant changes in the nature of social citizenship rights and in democracy in these countries, during the 2008-2014 period.

Committee Members

  • Professor Hugh Shewell (Thesis Supervisor)
  • Professor Allan Moscovitch
  • Professor Achim Hurrelmann

Research Interests

Social Citizenship Rights, Comparative Social Policies, Political Economy of the Welfare State, Politics of Austerity, and Anti-Oppressive and Structural Approaches to Social Work and Social Policy.