Photo of Gareth Park

Gareth Park

PhD Student

Degrees:MA, MSW (Carleton University)
Office:627 Dunton Tower

Gareth Park, M.A., M.S.W.
PhD student
Carleton University
Room 627 Dunton Tower

About Me
I have returned to university after 15 years working in community mental health and homelessness. I first worked as a front-line case manager and then moved to supervising a team and finally managing a Housing First program that combined a portfolio of housing, rent supplements and case-management supports.

I have served as chair of the board of directors of two local community service providers.

Why I chose Carleton University
Carleton’s reputation for structural social work drew me to do my M.S.W. in 1997 and I have lived in Ottawa ever since. Carleton was a natural choice.

Research Interests
Doctoral studies are an opportunity to pursue questions that first arose for me in direct practice and clinical supervision. My dissertation will explore the concept of professional boundaries – the “rules” which govern relationships between social workers and service users. While the concept was initially used to discuss ethical concerns it is increasingly visible in practice. I am particularly interested in how the discourse of professional boundaries is being employed to support efforts to restructure social services in favour of greater efficiency and rationing of service.

Other research interests include housing and homelessness, the black market in prescription drugs, field education and clinical supervision.