Photo of Katherine Occhiuto

Katherine Occhiuto

PhD Student
Office:629 Dunton Tower


MSW, Focuses: Direct Intervention, and Social Administration and Policy (Carleton University)

BA, Political Science and Communications Studies (York University)

About Me

After having the opportunity to work in a variety of community, mental health, and policy settings, I was motivated to step-back, reflect, and build on my experiences. And here I am.

While pursuing my PhD, I work as a mental health counsellor and support a variety of different research projects including as Lab Manager and the Leader Research Assistant for the Sim Social Work Research Lab,

Why Carleton

I was first drawn to Carleton’s School of Social Work for my Masters. I chose Carleton for three reasons. 1) The ability to specialize in both direct practice and social policy, 2) the school’s deep history and commitment to approaching social work through a social justice lens, and 3) location; Canada’s Capital Region is home to the federal government and many non-profit and NGO organizations.

My MSW experience was both rewarding and challenging, which drew me back to the school.

My Research

I am interested in the effects of the increasing reliance on community charities to provide basic needs.

My research asks: How do low-income mothers navigate complex networks of supports to meet their basic needs? And, what effects do these experiences have on them, and the interdependent communities to which they belong?

Research Interests

Poverty and the working poor; community practice; youth; clinical social work from a social justice perspective; women and mental health; Canadian social policy; research and evaluation in social work

Committee Members

Dr. Sarah Todd (Thesis Supervisor, Social Work)
Dr. Jennifer Robson (Political Management)
Dr. Susan Phillips (Public Policy and Administration)
Dr. Therese Jennissen (Social Work)