Congratulations to our 2021 graduates from all of us in the School of Social Work! We are so proud of what you have accomplished during this challenging year and we are excited for you as you embark on the next phase of your life. We wish you all the best in these new adventures and encourage you to stay in touch. As a Carleton alumni, your experiences and mentorship are invaluable for the students who follow in your footsteps. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!

A full list of those graduating in Fall 2021 can be found on the Carleton University Convocation website.

Congratulations From The School of Social Work

“Congratulations to every single MSW graduate. You have persevered through very tough times to reach this goal, and it has not been easy! I look forward to hearing about your social work practice experience in the near future! A special congratulations to Oliver Debney, who defended a wonderful MSW thesis, ‘The Stories We Tell: Making sense of gender, transition, and the centrality of relationships‘ in September! It was a privilege to work with you.”
Susan Braedley

“MSW Graduates of 2021, please accept my very best wishes as you officially graduate with your Master of Social Work degree. Your individual and collective commitment to learning (and teaching) about social work, social justice, and social work research, together with your empathy, compassion, and respect for each other has been a real inspiration for me. Our social work profession is so very lucky to have each of you!  Warmly,”
Pam Grassau

“Dear Graduates,
Congratulations on an important accomplishment! It has been a privilege for me to have worked with so many of you, and I wish you all the very best for your futures. Navigating these unpredictable and difficult times as we live through the pandemic has been a challenge for all of us; your flexibility, strong commitments to your education, and your hard work have been truly inspiring. Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy future.”
Therese Jennissen

“Congratulations to everyone graduating in Fall 2021! It must seem like such a long time ago that many of you were starting the BSW program in SOWK 1001 and 1002, especially with everything you’ve had to deal with in the meantime. But you’ve done it! Well done! Best of luck for the future and whatever you are moving on to next, remember that policy is always relevant ;).”
Beth Martin

“To all the Social Work graduates,
You had a dream of being exactly where you are, right now. Your learning path will have many directions, be brave and follow your path. You have it in you to thrive and be who you are! Your gifts are needed in our world of uncertainty. Be safe and well as you continue your journey of discovery. Be kind to you.
In Indigenous unity.”
Patricia McGuire

“Congratulations on your success! Hoping that this day holds opportunity to celebrate your hard work and the support of those who accompanied you on this journey. With best wishes for the future :).”
Brenda Morris

“You did it! Your years of hard work and dedication have brought you to this celebration. CONGRATULATIONS, Graduates! ENJOY. You’ve learned so much! I eagerly look forward to all the contributions you will make to society and our profession. Your professional studies at Carleton may be at an end but not so your learning… Continue to develop your practice with openness, honesty, intelligence and compassion. Off you go! Be the champions our world needs and please, take my best wishes with you.”
Dr. Melissa Redmond

“The administrative team of the School of Social Work would like to congratulate all of our Fall 2021 graduates!  Having had the privilege of working so closely with many of you throughout your time at the School, we are thrilled to see you reach this goal.  Completing a degree is no easy feat at the best of times, and the last couple years have certainly been a challenging time to be a student, to be in the workforce, and to work for social justice.  Our students have demonstrated a great deal of determination, resilience, kindness, and patience, and we look forward to seeing how you apply these skills to your future careers.  We hope you take a moment to celebrate all that you have accomplished over the course of your degree.”
Karen Spencer, Stephanie Mulville, Andrea Kenny, and Megan Stansel

“Congratulations on your graduation! It has been such a privilege to teach and learn with all of you. I hope that your journey beyond the School is full of joy and growth. And I hope you come back and share your learnings with future generations of students!!!”
Sarah Todd