Welcome to the Spirituality Centre

As Carleton University continues to follow the measures regarding COVID-19, the Spirituality Centre will consequently be operating virtually for the next few weeks. Social distancing shouldn’t create social isolation and we are going to need your help to make sure that no one feels alone.

Our chaplains play a major role in nurturing healthy spiritual development in individuals at the Carleton community while enriching and supporting them through quality educational, spiritual, and counselling services. If you have any meetings or counselling sessions with any of our chaplains, they will be in touch with you to coordinate options on how to proceed. Our chaplains will still be accessible via their contact information that is on Our Team page, but meetings will be held virtually until the current situation becomes more stable. Your flexibility around this is appreciated.

Should you have any questions on the above or need anything at all, please do feel free to be in touch with us via our social media platforms @CUSpirituality, any of our chaplains, or email us. If you are finding it difficult to make decisions and need someone to talk things out with, we are here for you all as always and will do our best to be of assistance.

Our Purpose

Meaningfully exploring and cultivating together the spiritual wellbeing and identity of everyone in the Carleton community as each person treads through their personal journey, one step at a time.

Our Vision

Fostering an inclusive, supporting, and joyful pluralistic coexistence in the Carleton community among different faiths and philosophies through collaboration and a spirit of teamwork.

Our Mission

Nurturing healthy spiritual development in individuals of the Carleton community while enriching and supporting them through quality educational, spiritual and counselling services.

All seekers of the Centre are welcomed, honored, and assisted.


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