Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration is regarded as an international leader in providing rigorous, innovative, multidisciplinary graduate education for more than fifty years. With a worldwide network of alumni, our graduates are a “Who’s Who” of the Government of Canada and occupy senior positions in many other jurisdictions and in the private and non-profit sectors. The faculty have outstanding research reputations in Canada and abroad, and collaborate with academics, practitioners, governments and universities globally.

The accredited Diploma in Public Policy & Program Evaluation (DPE), now exclusively offered online, prepares students for roles as evaluators and as managers of evaluation, and to understand the various approaches and traditions of evaluation, methodologies and techniques within each of these, and to think critically about evaluation use and design. The DPE builds the competencies necessary to become a professional evaluator. Students typically work alongside governmental departments, agencies, and NGOs in the design and completion of active evaluation projects. Students enter the program with a variety of academic backgrounds.

The DPE prepares students to work toward what has become the professionalization of the field, both domestically and internationally by supporting learning toward the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) evaluator credential. Click here to view the curriculum and more on the program structure.

Project Mentors are credentialed evaluators.  As volunteer Project Mentors you would work closely with a student project team of approximately 3-5 students, liaise with a faculty resource person and the DPE Supervisor, and clients. Project Mentors guide the project team throughout the evaluation lifecycle and have specific sector expertise and/or interest to support students’ understanding of some of the contextual issues, as well as practical evaluation issues. Project teams work on a live evaluation projects, with clients from the public and private sectors, that transcends the entire program. With the online DPE, you will work virtually with your project team. The program spans 16 months commencing in the Fall, and project work commences in November.  Project Mentors can expect to spend, on average, four hours per month throughout the duration of the project (approximately 8 months).

DEADLINE: If you are interested in becoming a Project Mentor in the DPE, you can apply at any time. Please complete the Letter of Interest Form.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Robert P. Shepherd, PhD, CE, Associate Professor, and Supervisor
Diploma in Public Policy & Program Evaluation.
Tel. 613-520-2600, x.2257