In early May 2018, Leslie A. Pal was Visiting Nurkse Professor at the Nurkse School of Governance and Innovation at Tallinn Technical University in Tallinn, Estonia. The annual, named professorship is designed to attract leading international public administration and public policy scholars working in the area of international development and governance. Over the two weeks of his visit, Les offered an intensive Master’s-level seminar on “Globalizing Public Management.” He also delivered a research seminar for faculty and PhD students, and was the external examiner on a doctoral dissertation on e-government and smart cities (exploring cooperation between Tallinn and Helsinki). Estonia brands itself a leading example of e-governance, and so Les also learned a lot! The Estonia case is fascinating, not just in itself, but also within the wider EU context. Faculty and graduate students at the Nurkse School are doing cutting edge work in the field. Other senior faculty there are also involved in EU-wide research projects on policy development and e-consultations, which was very stimulating given Les’s interests in policy advisory systems.  

Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler (Professor, Nurkse School) and Leslie Pal