Chris BraeuelMA in Public Administration, 2000

Created in 2018-19, Chris H. Braeuel Bursary for Global and International Studies serves to help eligible BGInS students who have demonstrated financial need with support for their international experience.

Carleton’s Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) program is an innovative, multi-disciplinary, program that welcomed its first students in 2015.  The goal of the program is to educate active and engaged global citizens by producing a global mindset—an approach to the world that encourages immersion in new places, cultures and languages. This mindset involves learning multiple pathways to knowledge, understanding our rights and responsibilities toward each other, developing intercultural competencies and principled ways of thinking and acting in the global context. For more information of the BGInS program, please visit:

We have already raised $2,000 and hope to reach $25,000 by December 2018 through your generous tax-deductible donations. Once the goal of $25,000 is reached, the Chris H. Braeuel Bursary for Global and International Studies will become endowed and distributed annually in perpetuity to eligible students who have demonstrated financial need.

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Chris Braeuel

Already in his youth, Carleton alumni Chris Braeuel (MA 2000) knew he was destined to embark on a life and career dedicated to global service. His early inspiration to serve was sparked when he was selected among 10,000 international students to represent Canada as a young leader with the internationally acclaimed Up with People (UWP) group in 1989. Founded in 1965, UWP is an international education organization whose mission is to bridge cultural barriers and create global understanding through volunteer community service. Over one year, Chris travelled with 159 students from 21 nations serving 128 communities in 8 countries on various local volunteer initiatives. He was in Berlin, Germany at the time the Iron Wall was being dismantled and recalls having embraced those who came across from the former East bloc — an unforgettable experience.

It was Chris’s strong sense of civic duty that motivated him to eventually pursue his graduate studies in Public Policy and Administration at Carleton. Since graduation, and consistent with his values as an engaged global citizen, Chris has enjoyed a rich and rewarding career in international affairs and development serving with government, the UN, the non-profit sector and academia both in Canada and overseas.