SPPA is pleased to welcome Gabrielli Duarte, who is an undergraduate student at the Ribeirão Preto Law School, University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Gabrielli will be working until September with SPPA Professor Alexandra Mallett and Director Graeme Auld as part of a Mitacs Globalink Internship, to investigate some of the key issues of the post-disaster at Minas Gerais in the Samarco Case, a tailings dam accident in Brazil that occurred at the Samarco mine in November 2015. This accident has been called one of Brazil’s worst environmental disasters.

Research and Scholarships

Scholarship “Aprender com Cultura e Extensão” (2015-2016).
Criminal Science Laboratory– IBCCRIM (2016).
Scientific research in Programa Unificado de Bolsas USP (2016-2017).
Scientific research in Programa Unificado de Bolsas (2017-2018).
Scholarship Mitacs Summer Intern – Canadá (2018).

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