It’s time for the Trudeau government to fully engage Canadians and Indigenous communities in the conversation around its nation-to-nation agenda.

Robert Shepherd, Pamela McCurry
October 31, 2018

The next federal election is a year away, and our policy conversations are starting to shift with the campaign in mind. Renewing the nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous peoples was one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s flagship priorities as he entered his first mandate. But while expectations among Indigenous peoples have been high, progress has been frustratingly slow. Indigenous leaders and scholars have cried foul on both process and substance. Though lands and jurisdiction are key issues, there has been no recognizable dialogue between the federal, provincial and territorial governments and Indigenous leaders on what is to come.

It’s a good time to ask, What does the federal government’s reconciliation and nation-to-nation agenda really mean? Are these objectives still relevant? And, if so, what can the government do to effectively engage and sustain the country’s support, and that of Indigenous peoples especially, with a federal election around the corner?

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