For the first fall installment of SPPA Audio Files, Director Graeme Auld spoke with Professor Susan Phillips about her recent article in Canadian Public AdministrationDancing with giraffes: Why philanthropy matters for public management.

Professor Phillips is a leading expert on the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, and she has been the lead architect of Carleton University’s efforts to bring graduate-level training to these sectors in Canada through programs in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

“Dancing with giraffes” is an important paper that pushes experts in public administration to pay more attention to Canadian foundations to understand the different ways in which these organizations shape public affairs. These foundations do not just provide funds to needy causes, they also can advance social innovation, build new fields of practice, shape ideas, and advocate for policy change and broader social change. Professor Phillips helps us understand these different paths of influence, their limits and what they mean for how governments can more creatively engage the philanthropic sector.

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