The Ontario Network for Sustainable Energy Policy (ONSEP) held its annual workshop from April 23 to 25, 2018 in Picton, Ontario.   

SPPA professor Alexandra Mallett and Sustainable Energy Policy (SEP) student Nathalin Moy presented their research (along with Craig Merrett, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) regarding renewable energy project processes in Eastern Ontario. SEP graduate Aman Chahal presented her master’s thesis examining the challenges faced by disruptive technologies in the energy sector given the existing policy environment (e.g. regulations) in Ontario. Brendan Haley, SPPA PhD Public Policy alumnus, was the key note speaker presenting on “The politics and public administration of low-carbon transition organizations.” Brendan has recently accepted the position of Policy Director at Efficiency Canada. 

Left to right: Nathalin Moy, SEP student; Amandeep Chahal, SEP alumna and Manager, Projects at Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC): Amir Hakami, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Alexandra Mallett, SPPA, SEP Graduate Supervisor; Brendan Haley, SPPA PhD graduate and Policy Director of Efficiency Canada; James Meadowcroft, SPPA; and Maya Papineau, Department of Economics.