Prof. Leslie A. Pal helped organize a recent conference on Policy Diffusion in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Les presented a paper (co-authored with SPPA PhD Public Policy alumna and current postdoctoral fellow Jennifer Spence) on global policy advisory systems, the subject of his current SSHRC project. He also participated in several plenaries and roundtable discussions. The conference attracted over 250 scholars in the field, many of them from Latin America. The topic of policy diffusion (how policy models and administrative practices travel) is a growing one in the field, and Les has also organized panels at the International Conference on Public Policy in Milan (2015) and Singapore (2017), both of which have resulted in book publications and several articles. The Sao Paulo conference brought together Latin American scholars as well as researchers from Europe and Asia. The interest is so high that they will probably organize a follow-up conference in Brazil in 2020!