The Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) met for its Annual General Meeting in Regina on June 1. A new executive and board was elected. Dr. Andrea Rounce (University of Manitoba) has assumed the office of President for a two-year term. The Executive Vice-President is Dr. Luc Juillet (University of Ottawa), Treasurer is Dr. Isabelle Fortier (ENAP), and Secretary is Dr. Naomi Couto (York). Dr. Robert Shepherd moves into the role of Past-President for a two-year term.  

Over the past two years under Rob’s presidency, CAPPA has formalized its programmatic and liaison activities, created new partnerships and signed MOUs, renovated the website and social media activities, and spearheaded a revised accreditation process. There remains much work to do, especially in accreditation and establishing a coordinative role among members in pedagogy and institutional best practices.  

There is a great deal of momentum in the association, and it owes its success to involved members including colleagues in the School of Public Policy and Administration.

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