Tuesday, December 3 will be nationally recognized as Giving Tuesday for 2019. Carleton University will be celebrating the day by doubling every scholarship donation it receives on December 3. Since the Dr. Glen Toner Scholarship is currently being matched until the end of December ($1 become $2), on December 3 Carleton University will double-match donations made on that day (so every $1 donation results in $3 for the scholarship).

The Dr. Glen Toner Scholarship will be awarded annually to outstanding students registered at the School of Public Policy and Administration. It was created by graduates of the School, all of whom benefited from the professional encouragement and academic mentoring that Glen offers so freely: exactly the type of backing that each of us will remember as students, and for which we ourselves have been grateful.

To salute our great students, our supportive academic community, and our good colleague – please mark Tuesday, December 3 on your calendar and donate to the Scholarship through the FutureFunder website.

The School would like to thank the committee behind this initiative. Our students will always benefit from the continued engagement and commitment of our outstanding alumni!

Heather Birchard, Manager, Talent Management, Community of Federal Regulators (MAPA 2010, SPPA)
Matt Jones, ADM, Environment and Climate Change Canada (MAPA 2001, SPPA)
Carey Frey, VP, Security, TELUS (MAPA 2004, SPPA)
Bob Masterson, President & CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (MAPA 2002, SPPA)
Richard Paton, former TBS Deputy Secretary and SPPA sessional lecturer
Chris Stoney, Professor, SPPA
Graeme Auld, Director, SPPA

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