From the Carleton Newsroom…

By Tyrone Burke

In the 1880s, Thomas Edison took the first commercial light bulbs to market and in a few short decades, electrification was transforming industrialized cities. The change was radical and irrevocable — exactly the kind of change that is needed to address major environmental challenges we face today.

The 10th annual International Sustainability Transitions conference is gathering the global community of scholars who study these transitions at Carleton University. Running from June 23 to 26, 2019, this year’s conference is the first to be held outside Europe.

“Incremental adjustments to our major systems of social provisioning will not be adequate,” says James Meadowcroft, chair of the conference organizing committee and a professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Administration.

“Large-scale changes will be required to address problems like climate change and biodiversity loss. Climate change, for instance, will require that we move away from fossil fuels, which have become the cornerstone of our industrial civilization, literally fueling modern economies and lifestyles.

“But new and exciting opportunities are opening up to change the way society produces and distributes energy, transports people and goods, develops built environments and feeds populations.”

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Also on the organizing committee is SPPA Prof. Alexandra Mallett, SPPA PhD in Public Policy Alumnus Daniel Rosenbloom, and Sustainable Energy Policy students Jessica Leis and Brie Morrison.