Renewable Energy Uptake in Urban Latin America, a book by SPPA Prof. Alexandra Mallett was recently published as part of Routledge’s Explorations in Energy Studies (REENS).

This book explores the perplexing question of how to increase sustainable energy technology use in the developing world, and specifically focuses on two megacities within Latin America.

Renewable Energy Uptake in Urban Latin America examines the market and uptake of two sustainable energy technologies (solar water heaters and biogas to produce electricity) in two locations, Mexico City, Mexico and São Paulo, Brazil in the 2000s. Drawing from three systems-based analytical frameworks – including one developed by the author for the purpose of this study – the book examines the varying factors affecting the implementation of renewable energy technologies (RETs) in urban Latin America. These frameworks emphasize the importance of examining socio-political dimensions; rather than conventional explanations that focus on technical and economic aspects only. By doing so, the research improves explanations about renewable energy technology (RET) adoption in the global South. These findings are useful for scholars, policy makers and practitioners working on RET adoption; resulting in a book which helps to inform wider debates regarding innovation, decarbonization, sustainability transitions and energy system change.

This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of energy transitions, energy policy, development studies and science and technology studies.