Stick handling to success or a lucky shot? Glen’s unexpected path to academia

In this first conversation, SPPA Director Graeme Auld sat down with Professor Glen Toner to travel back to the years before Glen’s academic career. Take a listen. You’ll hear about how lessons learned from the hard work of competitive hockey helped Glen navigate and ultimately succeed in graduate studies in political science at Carleton, success that then helped him land a job at Carleton as a tenure track assistant professor. The support and mentorship of certain key individuals were instrumental for Glen’s early steps, support that he has continued to pay forward in his career ever since.

Playing all sides: A career at the intersection of science, policy, and the politics of government, business, and NGO relations

The second conversation turns to defining features of Glen’s academic career. Above all else, his work has been about making connections to bring about real change in Canadian environment and energy policy. From building connections between industrialist and environmental groups in the New Directions Group to engaging with key environmental policy innovations such as the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy and the Commissioner on the Environment and Sustainable Development, Glen used his academic post to critically analyze Canadian environmental and energy policy with the aim of moving the dial forward.

Building Canadian capacity: Farm team today, future leaders of tomorrow

The last conversation turns to questions of teaching and mentoring. Here, Glen reflects on how he helped bring policy analysis expertise to scientists within the government while also bringing scientists to the School to engage them with the students of the day. This commitment to leverage his network for the benefit of students has been consistent throughout his career. As the testimonials highlight, the School’s students have been forever grateful for what Glen has done. Ending on a note for the future, Glen speaks to all of you out there who have benefited from mentors, instructing you to pay it forward.

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