On Friday, March 27, Former Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to Cabinet, Michael Wernick, gave a talk online in PADM5123: The Practice of Public Management in Canada. More than 50 people participated in the online conversation that began with a 30-minute presentation by Mr. Wernick about his experiences as a former senior public servant. Specifically, he argued that after nearly 40 years with the federal government much has changed about the way public services operate and the types of people it will need in future. He described the changing culture of public service for the better, skills and competencies needed to make for an agile and relevant organization to society, and the advancements of technology and infrastructure used to carry out the work that meets long term policy outcomes. He also noted that much has not changed about serving in the public sector, including the need for smart people who are willing to serve unselfishly, relationships to manage political, economic and social interests and communities, and the increasing demand for honesty, transparency and accountability of government. The discussion was 90-minutes in length, and a full audio file of the discussion is available below. The discussion was facilitated by Prof. Robert Shepherd and assisted by his students in PADM5123.