Congratulations to MA in Sustainable Energy graduate Lavy (Leo) Khoushinsky who has been awarded the Zuhair A. Hassan Graduate Scholarship. This is a wonderful achievement that speaks to his hard work, dedication and scholastic excellence. We are all very proud of what Leo has done in his time with us and we look forward to following his career after graduation.

The award was endowed in 2006 by Zuhair A. Hassan who served the Government of Canada for over 30 years in various capacities. During his years of service at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa, he made longstanding efforts to nurture and mentor staff emphasizing the fundamental importance of carrying out scholarly research projects as the first step in the formulation of top quality policy advice.

Leo is a particularly fitting recipient of this award given the research Zuhair conducted during his career. Zuhair wrote numerous articles and reports in the field of agricultural economics, often focused on consumer demand and the structure of agriculture and food markets. We hope this award and Zuhair’s work can be a source of inspiration for Leo’s future doctoral studies at Queen’s University in the Business School.

Again, from all of us at the School, a warm and hearty congratulations!

FPA Dean Andre Plourde and Leo Khoushinsky at the FPA Emerging Perspectives Graduate Conference 2020.