Northern Public Affairs is a publication founded by SPPA PhD in Public Policy alumni Joshua Gladstone (Founding Editor, Co-Managing Editor) and Sheena Kennedy Dalseg (Founding Editor, Co-Managing Editor).


Image: Bull’s Eye Face, courtesy Lianne Marie Leda Charlie.

Message from the Land Claims Agreements Coalition Co-Chairs

Message from the Tłı̨chǫ Government Chief Executive Council

The first of its kind: The Modern Treaties Implementation Research Project
Frances Abele, Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, & Joshua Gladstone

Lianne Marie Leda Charlie: Hot pink bull moose, modern treaties, and decolonization
Jessica Simpson

No time for a modern treaty
Dakota Erutse


Gowhaedo Gonàowo (Ancestral ways): Mapping modern treaty implementation
John B. Zoe with Jessica Simpson & Hayden King

Shaping the Northern political landscape: Comprehensive land claims agreements
Graham White

Power and politics: Financing the spirit and intent of modern treaties
Frances Abele, Fahad Ahmad, & Caroline Grady

A new relationship? Reflections on the collaborative federal fiscal policy development process
Rosanna Nicol, Adam Perry, Bobby Clark, & Martin Papillon

Implementing a modern treaty in British Columbia:
Lived experiences from Huu-ay-aht First Nations—Maa-nulth Treaty signatories
Huu-ay-aht First Nations, Vanessa Sloan Morgan, Marc Calabretta,
Becki Nookemis, Jon Aarssen, & Healther Castleden

Towards a modern treaties implementation review commission
Kirk Cameron & Alastair Campbell

Judicial interventions in modern treaty implementation: Dispute resolution and living treaties
Janna Promislow & Alain Verrier

Government-to-government relationships support modern treaty implementation
Angela Wesley, Lakshmi Lochan, Odette Wilson, & Stephanie Gustin

Bill C-88 elimination of the MVRMA “superboard”: Small
step or start of big leaps in modern treaty implementation?
David V. Wright

Measuring well-being in the context of modern treaties: Challenges and opportunities
Karen Bouchard, Adam Perry, Bobby Clark,& Thierry Rodon

Enhancing fisheries co-management in the Eastern Arctic
Jamie Snook, Jason Akearok, & Tommy Palliser, with Ashlee Cunsolo, Carie Hoover, & Megan Bailey

Engaging the next generation of treaty negotiators and implementers
Sherry Campbell

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