By Karen Kelly
Photos by Bryan Gagnon

Last summer, graduate student Jamie Desautels travelled to Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, an Inuit hamlet on King William Island above the Arctic Circle. She was there to conduct focus groups on the importance of “country food” in Inuit culture and collect survey data on preferences and food consumption patterns.

“Being on this project has given me an opportunity to learn about the Inuit culture and the importance of country food, further develop research and presentation skills, and apply my learnings from the MPPA program to the field I am interested in,” explains Desautels, who is pursuing a Master of Public Policy and Administration degree.

Desautels is part of a team of graduate students working with Associate Professor Stephan Schott in the School of Public Policy and Administration. He is co-lead on a $14.4 million project entitled FISHES: Fostering Indigenous Small-scale fisheries for Health, Economy, and Food Security, which is funded by Genome Canada, the Ontario government, and other funding agencies.

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