At a time when public health systems are under stress with the COVID-19 outbreak, Prof. Mehdi Ammi successfully obtained as Principal Investigator a $200,000 CIHR Catalyst Grant to study the impact of financing and structural transformation of public health systems.

Together with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and policymakers from across the country, he will evaluate the impact of past changes to the governance, organization and financing of public health systems in Canada using large administrative datasets. He will also investigate the preferences of Canadian public health decision-makers for future changes to public health systems using a mixed-methods design that will combine discrete choice experiment with qualitative methods.

Prof. Ammi will soon start recruiting a postdoctoral fellow at the SPPA to work with him on the discrete choice experiment part of this grant. More information to come.

In addition to this first grant as a principal investigator, Prof Ammi also obtained a second CIHR Catalyst Grant as a co-investigator on a team led by Drs. Sara Allin and Andrew Pinto. With this second grant, he will be involved in the establishment of a new platform for comparative public health systems research in Canada.