By Tyrone Burke

Integrating anti-racist pedagogy in to public policy

“Public policy has a real impact on inequality in society, and on the lives of racialized people,” says School of Public Policy and Administration Prof. Lisa Mills. “We are making a new course for first-year students that gives an introduction to the various stages of the policy cycle: its design, implementation and evaluation. It considers theories about public policy and examines case studies. I really wanted to be sure that it addresses questions of anti-racism and decolonization.”

To do that, Mills worked with Dilki Jagoda, a third-year student in the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program.

Dilki Jagoda

Dilki Jagoda

“We need to look at how single mothers could be affected by policies, or how racialized communities that live in underfunded housing will be affected. I’m looking for articles that take a more holistic approach.”

“I’m trying to find articles that not only teach students about how policy is made or what it does, but also how to take an intersectional approach to it,” says Jagoda.

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