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Discover the wealth of knowledge emerging from the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA). Within the Knowledge Hub, you will find our curated collection of works that reflect the intellectual rigor of our exceptional faculty members and students. Explore peer-reviewed journals, insightful media commentary, impactful research publications, and much more below.

Recent Publications

We invite you to stay up to date with current topics in the field of public policy and administration. Engage with the latest books, edited collections, opinion editorials, tech reports, articles, and conversation pieces by SPPA faculty members and students.

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Research Themes

Faculty in the School cover a broad range of research in public policy and administration. Here, you can find information on research themes that are heavily covered in SPPA, including faculty members active in each area and recent publications.

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Research Centres

Carleton University is home to a diverse range of research centres, each dedicated to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. These centres focus on areas such as sustainable community-based economic development, political and administrative reform, sustainable energy, urban research and education, digital governance, regulatory governance, and transportation policy and innovation. Learn more about the goals, areas of expertise, as well as the research and educational activities undertaken by these research centres.

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SPPA Voices

Delve into the audio recordings featuring faculty members discussing recent research projects and their long-term research agendas. Gain insights into the topics driving their research interests and explore the exciting and impactful work being conducted at our school. Additionally, you can listen to interviews where faculty members share their teaching and research interests, providing a glimpse into our unique and innovative approaches to education and research.

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PANL Perspectives

Stay updated on the ever-changing landscape of the Philanthropy and Nonprofit sector in Canada through PANL Perspectives. This in-house solution offers news and insights, including evidence-based stories, original interviews, and insider reflections from practitioners and leaders in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. Our dedicated editorial team brings you valuable perspectives on shifting power relationships, ethics in philanthropy and fundraising, and the role of private foundations, among other topics.

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How Ottawa Spends

For over two decades, from 1998 to 2019, the School of Public Policy and Administration proudly produced an annual review that offered an in-depth examination of the federal government’s spending and public policy. Known as How Ottawa Spends, this esteemed publication offers meticulous analysis, comprehensive research, and thought-provoking commentary that have shaped our understanding of the complexities of governance in Canada. We invite you to explore the rich archives of How Ottawa Spends and gain valuable insights into the evolution of federal spending and public policy over the years.

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Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy (CPoPP) Journal

Engage with the School of Public Policy and Administration’s student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal, Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy (CPoPP). This journal aims to expand student publications within SPPA, foster policy dialogue, and provide students with the opportunity to engage in the peer-review and production process. It showcases exceptional research conducted by SPPA students in public management and policy analysis.

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ISEMA Journal

Discover ISEMA: Perspectives on Innovation, Science & Environment, an annually published academic journal showcasing the sustainability policy research undertaken by students at the School of Public Policy and Administration. This student-organized journal connects the Carleton community with the innovative and exciting sustainability policy research in Canada today

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