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PADM 5120
Modern Challenges to Governance
Modern challenges to states, citizens, and policy-making, explored with the help of contemporary and historical thinkers. Topics may include: inequality; national security and intelligence gathering; identity; globalization and global finance; trade agreements and property rights; climate change and environmental challenges.

PADM 5121
Policy Analysis: The Practical Art of Change
Contemporary techniques of policy analysis. Topics may include: risk assessment, policy design, options analysis, and scenario-writing.

PADM 5122
Public Management: Principles and Approaches
Principles and processes of public-sector management as they function through cabinet-parliamentary government, federalism, the public service and the judiciary. Institutional reforms and changes in the philosophy of public sector management.

PADM 5123
Public Management in Practice
Contemporary public management practices. Topics may include: financial management, leadership, performance management, organizational design, human resource management, implementation.

PADM 5124
Law and Ethics
The legal and normative environment of Canadian public administration, law, institutions and processes. The relationship between ethics, accountability and good governance. Canadian legal history, adjudicative procedures, delegation of powers to public authorities, procedural justice in decision making.

PADM 5125
Qualitative Methods for Public Policy
Qualitative methods and dimensions of policy research. Topics may include the formulation of research problems, research design and techniques for collecting and managing evidence, and the role of qualitative research in the analysis of public policies and programs.

PADM 5126
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy
Descriptive statistics, probability theory and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing of quantitative and qualitative population parameters, and regression analysis.

PADM 5127
Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
Key concepts in microeconomic theory and their application to public policy. Topics may include incentives, rational choice theory, market structure, welfare economics, and strategic behaviour.

PADM 5128
Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis
Theoretical foundations and current policy issues that relate to the level and growth of expenditure and production are analyzed in the Canadian and international context.

PADM 5129
Capstone Course
An integrative workshop-based course in which teams of students develop and present strategies to address a policy problem.

PADM 5211
Intergovernmental Relations
Major cost-sharing and fiscal transfer agreements. The intergovernmental mechanisms for policy and administrative coordination in selected policy fields.

PADM 5212
Civil Society and Public Policy
The influence of various interests, social movements, voluntary organizations and citizens in the policy process in a Canadian and comparative context.

PADM 5213
Gender and Public Policy
The impact of public policy on gender relations and how gender relations shape policy. Topics covered may include gender inequalities in earnings and employment, macroeconomic policy, gender and development, and gender-based analysis.

PADM 5214
Budgetary Policy in the Public Sector
Selected aspects of the expenditure and revenue budget and budgetary process at all levels of government. Critical review of actual budgets and budgetary processes.

PADM 5215
Benefit-Cost Analysis
Benefit-cost analysis and its application to public-sector investment, pricing policy, discount rates, marginal cost and shadow pricing, and the handling of risk and uncertainty.

PADM 5216
Economic Models of Politics and Public Policy
Microfoundations of collective action, majority rule, political institutions and bureaucracy. Applications to various issues in Canadian and international public policy.

PADM 5217
Applied Microeconomic Policy Analysis
Microeconomic theory applied to public policy problems and issues.

PADM 5218
Analysis of Socio-economic Data
Correlation and regression analyses to test hypotheses about the relationships between socio-economic variables.

PADM 5219
Advanced Statistical Policy Analysis
Econometric research on selected policy issues using selected econometric techniques.

PADM 5220
Regulation and Public Policy
Political, economic, legal, and organizational theories of regulation in the Canadian and comparative context. Processes and consequences of regulatory practice in selected Canadian public policy fields.

PADM 5221
Health Policy in Canada
Canadian health policies and programs set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5222
Economics and Health Policy
This course applies microeconomic theory to a discussion of health policy. Focus on issues of particular interest to a student of Canadian health care policy.

PADM 5223
Canadian Economic Policy
Overview of Canadian economic development and how it has been affected by governments. Topics may be drawn from monetary, fiscal, industrial, trade, labour market or competition policies, viewed in contemporary and historical contexts.

PADM 5224
Aboriginal Policy
Canadian policies and programs on aboriginal peoples and aboriginal peoples’ own policies as nations set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5225
Trade Policy
Canadian multilateral and regional trade policies and programs set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5226
Tax Policy
Canadian tax policies set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5227
Education Policy
Canadian policies and programs on education set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5228
Social Policy
The nature and historical development of social programs in capitalist countries, with particular focus on Canada. The course will concentrate on developing a critical understanding of the social forces shaping these programs.

PADM 5229
The Health of Populations
Assessment of the medical model, and perspectives on the social and economic determinants of health, population health, and community health. The health of particular groups in Canada (e.g., women, Aboriginal peoples). International comparisons will be made.

PADM 5230
Ethics for Public Policy
The development and application of ethical theories to examine not simply what governments could do, but what they should do on the basis of consequences, principles, or motivations. Applications could include policies affecting climate change, income inequality, end of life, privacy, use of force.

PADM 5291
Directed Studies (Policy Analysis Concentration)
A tutorial or directed reading course on selected subjects related to policy analysis.

PADM 5411
Organization Theory
Focusing on major theoretical approaches to organizations, the course develops practical insights into issues such as organizational design, leadership, technology, culture and diversity, motivation and power. It applies these insights to organizations in both the public and private sectors in a variety of national contexts.

PADM 5415
Strategic Management in the Public Sector
Key concepts, principles and tools of strategic management, and their use in planning and policy implementation in the public sector. Reviews critical perspectives and cases in order to identify some of the limitations of strategic management.

PADM 5416
Budgetary Management for the Public Sector
Theory and practice of budgeting in the public sector. From a management perspective, the course focuses on the objectives, methods and systems for the control and reporting of expenditures.

PADM 5417
Principles of Finance
The use of financial assets to obtain funds, evaluative criteria to compare alternative uses of funds, and derivative contracts to manage risk. Public sector applications of these practices are emphasized.

PADM 5418
Human Resources Management
The field of human resources management including the roles of human resource departments, employee motivation, staffing, compensation, benefits, training and development and employee relations.

PADM 5419
Industrial Relations and Public Sector Collective Bargaining
The basic concepts of industrial relations, with respect to both public and private sector employees and organizations.

PADM 5420
Policy and Program Evaluation
Selected concepts, issues, and processes in applied governmental planning and evaluation, utilizing both Canadian and comparative experiences.

PADM 5421
Globalizing Public Management
Public sector reform has swept the developed and developing world in the last two decades. The dynamics of this global movement, the models exported and adopted, and the success and failure of these exports.

PADM 5422
Urban and Local Government
The role of municipal government in the context of Canadian federalism. Current economic, political and social trends affecting Canada’s major urban centres including growth, amalgamation, fiscal reform, immigration, housing, community engagement, and sustainable development.

PADM 5423
Third Sector Governance and Management
Governance and management of voluntary/nonprofit organizations and their role in democracy, public policy, and service delivery.

PADM 5424
Evaluation Cases and Applications
Selected case studies and emerging theories and issues in the development, design, management and implementation of policy and program evaluation.

PADM 5472

Policy Seminar (Public Management Concentration)
One or more selected policy areas or specialized aspects of public management. The policy field or topic will change each year.

PADM 5510
Energy Economics
Micro- and macroeconomic concepts and techniques applied to such topics as international energy markets, energy production, and energy consumption.

PADM 5511
Energy Management
The fundamentals of energy management, focusing on current practices in both private and public sector organizations.

PADM 5512
International Politics of Sustainable Energy
Recent historical and contemporary developments in the role of energy in inter- and intranational relations, involving such topics as Canada/US relations, the international political economy of oil, energy security, and climate change.

PADM 5515
Sustainable Energy Policy
The institutions involved in energy policy, the processes through which policy is made, and the substantive energy-related issues currently preoccupying policy makers.

PADM 5572
Policy Seminar (Sustainable Energy)
One or more selected topics or specialized aspects of sustainable energy policy. The topic will change each year.

PADM 5611
Science and Technology Policies
Theory and practice regarding governmental policies for science and technology, and the use of scientific knowledge in the policy and regulatory processes of government. Concerns regarding the ethical issues and the transparency of science in government.

PADM 5612
Industrial Policy, Innovation and Sustainable Production
Sustainable production theory and key drivers, barriers and opportunities influencing innovation in industrial systems and processes. The relationship of public policies and industry practices are explored in a number of sectors.

PADM 5613
Science, Risk and Evaluation
Risk-benefit theories and practices and related issues in the evaluation of science and technology; how they are handled in applied regulatory and policy institutions in selected sectors (e.g. pesticides; health protection; biotechnology).

PADM 5614
Natural Resource Management
Governance and management of natural resources from a Canadian and international perspective. The use of various management instruments, regulatory approaches and community-based and co-management institutions are evaluated with evidence from several case studies from around the world.

PADM 5615
Politics and Policy of Energy in Canada
Dilemmas associated with energy policy in Canada. Economic, social and environmental dimensions of energy decision making; Canadian issues within the context of a changing international scene and long term energy transitions.

PADM 5616
Environmental Policy
Canadian environmental policies and programs set in a comparative political-economic and institutional context.

PADM 5617
Implementing Sustainable Development in Industrialized Countries
Genesis and evolution of the idea of sustainable development and the ways in which it is influencing public policy and public sector structures and processes. Canada’s performance in implementing sustainable development will be assessed in comparison with other industrialized countries.

PADM 5618
Environmental and Ecological Economics
Environmental and ecological economics with applications to public policy and environmental management issues. Concepts of sustainability, non-market valuation and ecological stability, the determination of environmental targets, and the use of policy instruments, incentives and emissions markets.

PADM 5619
Urban Sustainability
Impact of economic growth and social change on cities and their attempts to forge sustainable growth. Incorporating political and fiscal issues, the focus is on ‘smart growth’ policies and initiatives in areas such as environmental control, transport, land use, housing and infrastructure.

PADM 5620
The Science, Politics and Economics of Global Climate Change
Scientific issues at the core of climate change and the domestic and international policy responses. Various environmental, economic, and political implications for both the developed and developing worlds and for the various regions of Canada.

PADM 5672
Policy Seminar (Innovation, Science and Environment Topics)
One or more selected policy areas and topics related to innovation, science and environment. The topic will change each year.

PADM 5711
Indigenous-Canada Relations: Governance and Policy History
Introduction to pre-contact history of select Indigenous nations and peoples, overview of contact period: the treaty relationship, evolving jurisprudence, changing power dynamics, federal and provincial administrative practices, contemporary and traditional forms of First Nations, Métis and Inuit governance. Contrasting approaches to understanding foundational events.

PADM 5712
Issues in Contemporary Governance: First Nations, Métis and Inuit
Diverse approaches to understanding and responding to the main governance issues facing contemporary and traditional First Nations, Inuit and Métis governments and organizations in Ontario and in the rest of Canada.

PADM 5713
Leadership and Management in Indigenous Organizations and Governments
Leadership, organizational development and innovation in various cultural contexts relevant to Indigenous peoples, organizational design, recruitment and human resources management, decision-making, project planning and implementation, media and communications. Practicum included.

PADM 5714
Financial Management in First Nations, Métis and Inuit Governments and Organizations
Legislation, regulations, and financial management practices that apply in First Nations, Métis, Inuit organizations and governments. Sources and measures to mitigate and eliminate historical disparity, including asset management, strategic investment, and capital aggregation.

PADM 5715
Policy Research and Evaluation for Indigenous Policy and Administration
Policy research and program evaluation; applied research ethics, cultural and community protocols, legal frameworks, formulation of research problems, research design, and techniques for collecting and managing community-based and other data; research methodologies of specific Indigenous nations and peoples, and scholarly debates about epistemology and practice.

PADM 5716
Economic and Community Development in Indigenous Territories
Community economic development theories; the ethics, benefits and costs of traditional, current and new approaches pertinent to building stable economies in rural and urban Aboriginal settings.

PADM 5717
Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Law
Canadian law relating to Aboriginal peoples from colonial times to the present. Jurisprudence on Aboriginal and treaty rights: the duty to consult, fiduciary duties, the honour of the Crown, nation-to-nation relations; introduction to First Nations, Métis and Inuit legal traditions, and international law.

PADM 5718
Indigenous People and Urban Policy and Administration
Policies and programs of and for Indigenous people living in Canadian cities, with a focus on institutional and intergovernmental challenges and opportunities for change.

PADM 5719
Aboriginal Health and Social Policy
Development and delivery of health and social policies pertinent to Aboriginal people living in diverse circumstances in Canada; theories and practices.

PADM 5772
Policy Seminar (Indigenous Policy and Administration)
One or more selected policy areas or specialized aspects of Indigenous Policy and Administration. The policy field or topic will change each year.

PADM 5811
The International Policy Framework
The evolution of the main international rules and institutions governing the economic relationships among nation states, with emphasis on the changing roles of the Bretton Woods institutions (IMF, World Bank, GATT/ WTO).

PADM 5812
Governance in Developing Countries
The roles of the state and civil society in the governance of developing countries in the context of public sector reform and globalization.

PADM 5813
The Evolution of World Bank/IMF Policy Conditionality
The changing nature of World Bank/IMF policy conditionality with emphasis on the period since the onset of the 1982 debt crisis.

PADM 5814
Program and Project Management
The context, critical issues and methods relating to the planning and implementation of development programs and projects.

PADM 5815
Civil Society Organizations and Development
The context, roles, structures and strategies of nongovernmental organizations in the development process at the global, national and local levels. The role of development aid and NGOs is considered.

PADM 5816
Program Evaluation in Developing Countries
The context, critical issues and methods relating to the evaluation of development interventions.

PADM 5817
Health Policy in Developing Countries
Debates regarding health policy in the developing world, in the context of the global health sector reform movement, trade and intellectual property regimes, and strategies of corporate and NGO actors. Issues of gender, class and the determinants of health.

PADM 5818
Theories of Development
A survey of the theories and evidence to explain processes of growth and development, and their unevenness, in low-income countries and transition economies.

PADM 5908 [1.0 credit]
Research Essay

PADM 5909 [2.0 credits]
M.P.P.A. Thesis

PADM 5913 [0.0 credit]
Co-operative Work Term

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