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Kassem El Saddik

PhD Candidate

Kassem El Saddik is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University. He has a breadth of knowledge of the political landscape in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf. He is currently researching the state-society dynamics in policy-making in the Arab Gulf State, with a particular focus on the United Arab Emirates.

Kassem Joined the school with more than 15 years of experience, half of which serving the policy-making office of the Government of Dubai (UAE). He has developed an area of expertise in policy and program evaluation while consulting to various complex projects in the MENA region and Africa, including fragile and conflict-affected environments. He is credited for being active in the global evaluation community, vice-chairing EVALSDGs group and serving the organizing committee for the latest evaluation conferences in MENA.

At Carleton, Kassem’s efforts have been recognized for recently organizing the RGI’s Critical Conversations on Regulatory Regimes conferences since 2016.

Kassem holds a MSc and an Honours BS from the American University of Beirut and was a Cleveland-Dodge Fellow at Woodrow Wilson School (Princeton University).

Papers and publications

  • Nine IIED-EvalSDG policy Briefings (
  • Volkswagen Scandal: Implications for the Regulatory Regime”, RGI Critical Conversations on Regulatory Regimes paper, Carleton University (April 2016)
  • Transitioning toward Sustainable Consumption and Production: Opportunities and Challenges in GCC” in Bryde, D., Mouzughi, Y. and Al Rasheed, T. (ed.), Sustainable Development Challenges in the Arab States of the Gulf, Gerlach Press, 2015, (it was presented in the third Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge, 2013)
  • Mainstreaming the environment in development policies: The case of Gulf Cooperation Council States”, presented in the First Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge, 2011
  • Disaster Risk Management Framework in Lebanon: An Overview; submitted to the Earthquakes & Megacities Initiatives- World Bank Institute, 2009.
  • Fertility in Yemen- A Parity Progression Ratio Analysis”, MSc Thesis, AUB, 2002 (published as part of the MSc requirement).

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