Photo of Iris Geva-May

Iris Geva-May

Adjunct Professor

“My work focuses on policy analysis and its support of evidence based policy-making. But, at this time and age we can no longer do policy analysis and policy making without considering international policy problem commonalities, interdependencies, domino effects, and the benefits of lesson drawing for innovation, efficiency, effectiveness, market competition, and avoidance of foreclosed solutions. I strongly believe in the need for a distinct comparative policy domain of study to address today’s challenges and for robust comparative theories and methodologies to establish its validity.” 

Iris Geva-May PhD University of Manchester UK; Post Doc UC Berkeley US

Founding Editor-in-chief, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, Routledge, UK Founding President, International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum  (ICPA-Forum)

Areas of Expertise and Research Interest:

Comparative Policy Studies; Policy Analysis Methodology; Policy and Program Evaluation; Cultural Theory relevance to public policy; Policy Design and Formulation; Policy Implementation; Comparative Public Policy/Public Affairs/Public Administration Instruction and Program Design in various countries. Policy Fields: Immigration, Environment, Healthcare, Higher Education.

Recent Publications:

“Two Decades of Comparative Policy Analysis”. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 19:5. “Public Affairs Programs as Pipeline for Advancing Underserved Populations in Public Service”. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 19:4; International Library of Policy Analysis, Policy Press, UK seven-year comparative series (with Howlett); Routledge Handbook of Comparative Policy Analysis (with Brans; Howlett); Thinking Like a Policy Analyst: Policy Analysis as a Clinical Profession, Palgrave/Macmillan, NY; An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis (with Wildavsky) Kluwer, London; Wunan Pbl., Taiwan (Chinese translation); Forthcoming: Foundations of Policy Analysis Methodology; Handbook of Comparative Public Policy (with Brans; Pattyn); Comparative Policy Analysis: Classic Contributions

Recent Awards, Fellowships, Honors:

Fulbright Senior Scholars Fellowship 1995; Enrichment Program (Canadian “Fulbright”) 1995, 1997, 2000; British Council Award 1999-83; Fiocruz Foundation, Brazil 2003; Japanese Government 2000, Canadian Studies, Jerusalem 2004. Best Article Award, JPAE, NASPAA, 2014. Honors: inclusion in Reuters Thomson World Who’s Who for “mark on international comparative policy studies”, 2008. PI in numerous research grants including Ford Foundation/ CUNY 2007-10; Standard SSHRC (Science and Humanities Research Council equal to NSF) 2006-10; SSHRC Publication Grant 2012-14, 2016-18, 2019.

International Positions:

Tenured Full Professor of Policy Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada since 2001; Haifa University, Israel 1994-2002; Visiting Professor: MSPIA, Baruch College of City University of New York 2014-17; Plymouth University UK 2000-06.  Hebrew University, Jerusalem 2004; Tel Aviv University 2000; Kyoto University, Japan 2000; National University of Singapore 1999; Central European University, Budapest 1999; Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 1997, 1998; UC Berkeley 1993, 1995.

Recent Service:

International Associate Editor Journal of Public Affairs Education, NASPAA; Editorial board member: International Journal of Public Management; International Public Management Review; Public Policy Review. Member of International Committee, NASPAA; Executive Council Member: IPPA; IPSA R30.