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Bob Masterson, MA in Public Administration, 2002
President & CEO Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
It’s a busy world and we all lead very busy lives. The pace of activity and the pressures of work, family, and life mean we seldom give adequate reflection on the individuals whose contributions had the most impact on us. Like many Graduates of the Carleton SPPA program, I know that when I do have the opportunity to reflect, I recognize that Dr. Glen Toner has been one of the most important difference makers in my life. During my time at SPPA, and since, Glen has been there for me, both professionally and personally. I have been fortunate to return to SPPA regularly and have been able to maintain contacts with a broad network of colleagues, influencers, and decision-makers whom also benefitted from the SPPA experience. Through those experiences I have come to recognize that I am not alone. It seems that Glen has been a primary difference maker for many of us – providing the same support and encouragement and exposing us all to the same opportunities and challenges so that we each might reach our own fullest potential. In recognition of Dr. Glen Toner and on the occasion of his retirement from SPPA, I hope you will join me in providing a meaningful contribution to the Dr. Glen Toner Scholarship fund and to ensure future students will have similar opportunities through their time with Carleton SPPA

Matt Jones, MA in Public Administration, 2001
Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change Canada
The School of Public Policy and Administration, and Glen and his courses in particular, introduced me to the issues of sustainability and climate change and gave me the opportunity to have a career focusing on these important public policy issues. What I thought was a four month co-op placement was in fact the beginning of a long and rewarding career. Glen cares about each of his students and as much as anyone I have known, he is committed to ensuring that they realize their potential. He pushed us to get the most out of us. He called in personal favours to get leading experts into his classes. He launched the SIGNALS network to link current students with established professionals. What sets Glen apart is how much he cares. He cares about environmental issues and sustainability; he cares about his students and he cares about preparing them to become leaders in this field. I am fortunate to have had the career that I have had and all of the rewarding experiences that have gone with it. Glen had a lot to do with setting me on this path and I am hopeful that this scholarship can help prepare more students to make big contributions.  

Brie Morrison, MA in Sustainable Energy Policy, 2019
Natural Resources Canada
Graduate school was an incredibly formative time in my life and I can say unequivocally that the personal and professional growth I experienced was a product of Glen’s dedication to the SPPA and his students. Glen brought unparalleled knowledge of his field and infectious enthusiasm for change and betterment to every SEP class and event. He is not only an outstanding professor but also a mentor who is 100% committed to his students and their futures; I am a better writer, learner, professional and activist for having had the opportunity to study under Glen. Glen has written more letters of recommendation for me than either of us can count, opening doors and creating opportunities that have shaped my professional life. As a critic, cheerleader, professional networker, and – most of all – as a leader, Glen has helped create a community of incredibly talented and dedicated alumni, many of whom I am lucky enough to work with everyday. I continue to be grateful for the wonderful experience I had at Carleton and the role Glen played in that time in my life. Congratulations, Glen! A retirement well-earned.

Milana Simikian, MA in Public Administration, 2012
Senior Policy Advisory, Pan-Canadian Framework Implementation Office, Environment and Climate Change Canada 

I first had the good fortune of meeting Glen during the second year of my undergrad in Public Affairs and Policy Management. He was teaching PAPM 2000, a Policy Analysis course that I remember distinctly because it was my very first introduction to environmental public policy and Glen’s passion for it was contagious. At the time, I was sure that I would be pursuing a career in foreign affairs, but perhaps it was just then that Glen gave me the idea that environmental policy work was a path worth considering.

Fast forward to 2010 and here I was again sitting in Glen’s class, only this time as a MAPA grad student in a room of 6 others looking at a very, very long list of readings on climate change. I remember feeling a bit scared and intimidated by the workload and Glen’s expectations of us but I was also excited and proud to be part of Glen’s class because I knew that I would learn a great deal. I will admit that I spent more time preparing for Glen’s classes and assignments than I did for any other of my classes. See, Glen has this effect on students. He believes in you before you believe in yourself. He sets the bar high and expects you to shoot even higher. So that’s what I did. I worked hard to make Glen proud and aimed higher than I ever thought I could.

Glen’s another remarkable quality is that when he sees potential and hard work, he rewards it. With me, it was a research assistantship job. For over a year, I got to work directly with Glen, Dr. James Meadowcroft, and a few other grad students on an innovative climate research project sponsored by Carbon Management Canada. Not only did this job take my research and writing skills to the next level, but it had also positioned me to secure a job immediately after graduation at a time when such opportunities were scarce. Glen provided me with a solid reference to help me land that first job. He continued to give me this kind of support as I moved forward in my career.

Glen’s latest contribution to my professional development and career growth was only a couple of years ago. Drawing on his wide network of people, Glen got me in touch with another former MAPA student who is now Assistant Deputy Minister overseeing the implementation of Canada’s climate plan and clean growth. His office was hiring and I was already in a government pool of pre-qualified candidates for a similar position. Timing could not have been more perfect. Thanks to Glen (again!), I now have a dream job for which he made sure I would be well prepared just a few years ago.

Dr. Glen Toner has been instrumental in my professional and personal growth. I could never thank him enough for the continuous support, encouragement, and guidance he has given me and others throughout all those years. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be his student, his mentee, his staff member, and his friend. I am delighted to see the creation of the Dr. Glen Toner Scholarship fund as it now provides the perfect way for me and others to express our sincere gratitude for Glen’s unparalleled leadership and lasting impact on so many lives.

John McNally, MA Sustainable Energy Policy, 2019

It’s hard to imagine a more passionate professor than Dr. Toner. It’s equally hard to imagine how any professor could make any more of an effort to be attentive and available to students than he was. Glen pushed every years crop of students to be the best versions of themselves, to learn and to grow as professionals, and to realize their potential every time they came to class. It was an honour to be in classes, and it’s heartening to know that Glen’s characteristic style and influence will continue to support the careers of sustainability leaders in the years to come. 

Travis Dagg, MA in Sustainable Energy, 2018
International Clean Technology Analyst, Natural Resources Canada

As the world changes around us, it is important to be active and engaged. It was Dr. Glen Toner who instilled in me the value of critical thinking and discerning fact from fiction. He pushed me to articulate an intelligent position and to be prepared to defend it. Whether in or outside of the classroom, Glen always encouraged me to ask questions and meaningfully contribute. Furthermore, he believed in developing social capital, something no other professor had mentioned to me before. Glen’s influence has had an immensely positive impact on my personal and professional development.

Glen always saw the big picture and thought in terms of generational shifts. As students, he saw our potential and would frequently tell us that we were leaders and change makers. I will always appreciate this and I believe it has helped me explore new opportunities and build deeper connections.

Dr. Glen Toner has been an inspiring teacher, mentor and friend. In recognition of his invaluable contribution to Carleton University and on the occasion of his retirement, I encourage you to join me in providing a meaningful contribution to the Scholarship fund in his name.

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