Under the Student Choice Initiative students are able to learn about their fees and make informed decisions about their choices regarding optional non-tuition fees. For information on the compulsory fees, please visit the Compulsory Fees page.

The provincial government has provided a framework for defining non-tuition fees as either compulsory or optional. The compulsory fees are assessed to your student account. The fees displayed on the Optional Non-Tuition Fees page on your Carleton Central account during the registration process are the optional non-tuition fees.You are able to make your opt-out selection from the time you register until the last day of registration for that term. If you change programs, you should revisit the Optional Non-Tuition Fees page in Carleton Central to ensure there are no new opt-out choices.

Note that opt-out choices are per term. You must ‘save’ your choices for each term in order for them to be applied. No late opt-out selection will be available.