Carleton Alcohol Awareness Strategy

Alcohol Strategy Outcomes. 1) Coordination of alcohol-related programming amongst university units. 2) Delivery of alcohol-related programming to students and groups. 3) Assessment of alcohol-related programming and initiatives.The Carleton University Alcohol Awareness Strategy aims to deliver programs that will result in fewer Carleton students involved in alcohol-related incidents and more Carleton students who are knowledgeable about alcohol and who are drinking responsibly earlier in their university careers.

Carleton University acknowledges that improvements can be made in the area of supporting a culture of responsible drinking among its students.

Long-Term Goals

The Alcohol Awareness Strategy includes 17 separate recommendations, is slated to run until April 2019, and has two specific long-term goals:

  1. Fewer numbers of Carleton students participating in high risk drinking; and
  2. Increased numbers of Carleton students who are knowledgeable about alcohol and responsible drinking behaviours.


e-CHUG (electronic-Check Up to Go)

An anonymous online tool that you can use to evaluate your drinking habits. After filling out a short questionnaire it generates a personal drinking profile and identifies your:

  • Drinking pattern
  • Blood alcohol concentration
  • Medication interactions
  • Alcohol-related risk

CU Don’t Know

As part of the alcohol awareness strategy, Carleton University has developed a new student-led campaign on responsible drinking called CU Don’t Know.

It is not an anti-drinking campaign, but rather a real conversation between students about how to drink without getting into trouble.