With a population of 31,000 full and part-time students, it is to be expected that university faculty and staff may encounter students who might be struggling with a range of academic, financial, or psychosocial issues.

Students in need of additional support?

When encountering students who appear to be struggling, faculty, staff and other students make their best efforts to provide direct support to these individuals and where appropriate, make referrals to other on-campus services. For more information on how to best help a student who is struggling visit the Coping with Crisis page.

In the event you remain concerned about a struggling student, you may make a record of the incident or conversation by filling out this form. This will automatically begin the process of creating a confidential file in the Office of Student Affairs and they will begin the process of monitoring for signs that he/she may be at risk.

Concerned About a Student? Submit a Care Report

Members of the Carleton community who are concerned about a student, can refer to several resources on campus and/ or submit a Care Report to document their concern and solicit feedback and/or follow up, if necessary. The team in the Office of Student Affairs is monitoring Care Report submissions daily and continue to follow up virtually or over the phone. 

Please note that in cases where there is an imminent risk to the student (e.g. suicide risk, harm to self), faculty and staff should follow the following protocols:

Imminent risk on campus:

Faculty and staff must call 613-520-4444 from any campus for cases that are on campus.

Imminent risk off campus (in Ottawa): 

If a case is off-campus the reporter should call 911 and provide the information, alternatively, the person concerned can call Campus Safety Services for assistance.

Imminent risk-off campus (outside of Ottawa)

If the student is outside of the Ottawa-area, you can contact Campus Safety Services (CSS) at 613-520-4444 who will be able to connect with the student’s next of kin or engage with the police service having jurisdiction in the student’s location for resources and support in that area.

Please note that having any other party involved may delay the process, OPS in most cases may need to hear from the person expressing the concern/ reporting the initial information.

Once these steps are taken, faculty and staff should send a care report to OSA to complete the follow-up and provide ongoing services.

Care Report Form