What is Cyberbullying?Word cloud of words related to cyberbullying: bullying, email, mean, harm, attack, chat rooms, instant messages, negative comments, spoken words, text messages, threats, identities hidden, false, etc.

Cyberbullying is a form of electronic communication that is persistent and unwanted. There is a power imbalance created and messages may be degrading, intimidating, threatening, or abusive in nature.

Carleton University’s aims to promote awareness of the rights and responsibilities a student has when using electronic communication as well as the resources available to them.

What Makes Cyberbullying Different?


Cyberbullies: may go beyond their usual limits since they are able to remain anonymous.

Targets: anonymity can make it difficult for targets to identify their aggressors.

Immediacy and Reach

Cyberbullies: communication is immediately impactful and you have limited control over who will share your message.

Targets: bullying isn’t limited to one on one interactions.

Life Span

Cyberbullies: records of online comments and statements will often exist online permanently.

Targets: online comments and statements will often be difficult to erase permanently.

CU Online

Information on the internet is often permanent. As such, it is important to prioritize your safety and privacy online. Listed below are a few recommendations to consider when posting online.

  • Privacy – Understand the privacy settings of various platforms and who can see your posts, profiles, photos, etc.
  • Audience – Know your audience, avoid inappropriate posts that may reflect poorly on you.
  • Appearance – Think about how your posts may be perceived by potential employers, faculty members, family, etc.

Your online presence consists of any way you interact with the online world and it can be used to your advantage. Maintaining a positive and professional online presence is a great way to appeal to potential employers. Listed below are a few tips to help you stand out in this digital age.

  • Networking – Take advantage of professional networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Professionalism – Make sure posts are appropriate for potential employers.
  • Proofread – Look before you post, make sure to check spelling and grammar.
  • Personalize – Showcase your relevant achievements and experiences.


Carleton University has a number of resources available for those who have experienced cyberbullying or those looking maintain a safe online presence