The Office of Student Affairs is able to reserve classroom space for individual students and student groups. If you would like to book multipurpose space, please do so through Conference Services.

Space Booking

Space booking requests must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the date of the event. Individuals or groups failing to submit their request at a minimum of 10 business days prior to their room booking request are much less likely to have their request filled.  Please keep in mind that all booking requests for Fall 2018 will be processed after September 10th, after classroom allocations are complete, or on a case by case basis. 


The Office of Student Affairs manages the allocation of classroom space through its centralized Space Booking Request system. The following Procedures establish the parameters of booking space on campus. Please review these carefully prior to making a space booking request as all students will be expected to comply with these procedures when utilizing university property. Non-compliance may result in the loss of space booking privileges.

Space Set-Up
The Office of Student Affairs is not responsible for any room set-up needed for your space booking – should an individuals or groups must independently make set-up arrangements (i.e. with IMS for audiovisual services, Aramark for catering) and return the room to its original condition at the conclusion of their booking.

Food and Beverage Services
Groups of students are not permitted to bring food onto campus for the purpose of group activities, sales or any other purpose. If you are planning to have food at your activity please contact Aramark Catering (ext. 8310). Exemptions to this policy can be obtained by following the process outlined in the university’s Food Services Policy.

Audio-Visual Equipment Services
Classroom audio-visual equipment must be booked through Instructional Media Services (IMS). Students receive a discounted rate from IMS. The misuse or unauthorized use of IMS equipment can result in space booking privileges being suspended and can result in charges being assigned to the student account that booked the room.

Procedure Violations
Violation of the Space Booking Contract by an individual or group may result in the forfeiture of space booking privileges and could result in charges being applied to the account of the student who signed the contract.Room Bookings will be randomly audited to ensure that the use of space is in accordance with the Space Booking Contract.

Risk Management Forms

University accredited Campus Groups, Academic Societies, or CUSA clubs must abide by all university policies at all times. Risk Management forms must be completed and submitted 10 days in advance of an on or off campus event, if the event has one or more of the following elements:

    1. More than fifty (50) people in attendance;
    2. Features a speaker from an external organization;
    3. Alcohol is being served;
    4. A sports-like physical activity is planned; and/or
    5. Any activity that has the potential to result in damage to individual persons, or physical property.

In order to complete the Risk Management Form:

    1. Create a Park Admin account through Parking Services;
    2. Log-in and click on “Forms”.
  • Failure to submit a Risk Management Form may result in any space booking requests being delayed or canceled and may impact an accredited or certified student organization’s future space booking privileges.
  • Where Campus Safety or the University’s Risk Management Committee mandates the presence of security for an event, such additional services (provided by Campus Safety or otherwise) will be at full expense of the organization sponsoring the event.

If you have questions concerning the Student Events Risk Management form, please contact Tony Lackey at 613-520-2600 ext. 1473.

Book Space Now

Please note that space booking requests must be submitted at least  10 business days prior to the date of the event.

If you would like to book multipurpose space, please do so through Conference Services.