Who is eligible for funding?image of hand holding out money

The Student Activities Fund can provide financial support to recognized student groups, individual students, or
administrative departments. The approval of an application for funding depends upon the availability of university funds and if the request is consistent with the criteria outlined in the Student Activities Fund Policy.

Please note that graduate students are not eligible to receive funding through the Student Activities Fund. If you are a graduate student looking for financial support for activities or conferences you may want to contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs or the Graduate Student Association.

Normally, funds allocated range from $150 to $1,000 depending upon the project.

How to apply for funding?

In the event that three or more students apply for funding to attend the same conference or event, the applicants will be contacted and asked to work together to submit an application for group funding. This will apply even if some students have already applied for and received approval for funding

Student Activities Fund Priorities

  • Activities or projects that enhance student life on campus.
  • Activities, conferences or events that benefit Carleton University students.
  • Individual requests to participate in educational conferences or events that: enhance a student’s leadership potential; promote Carleton University externally, or; complement the student’s in-class experience.

Examples of Past Projects

  • The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan race team.
  • Hurricane Katrina student relief efforts.
  • Campus wide initiatives like the AIDS Walk.
  • Registration fees for conferences such as the ATHGO UN Symposium on Climate Change.

Grants provided under this fund are not intended to support existing projects, co-operative education, thesis projects, student exchange travel expenses, summer fieldwork placements, laboratory operating costs, or individual educational program requirements. Funding will not be provided for staffing costs.

These funds are provided by the Office of Student Affairs with the generous support of the Carleton University Alumni Association and MBNA.

Student Activities Fund Policy and Forms

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