1. Eligibility
  2. Criteria
  3. Limitations
  4. Application Process
  5. Apply for the SEF
  6. Additional Funding Resources

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to Carleton University students experiencing short term financial hardship related to critical needs.

Students who apply for the Student Emergency Fund will be able to:

  • make at least one positive connection with a member of the Care & Support Team
  • increase their support network by exploring support options with a Manager on the Care & Support team
  • describe the types of mental health support available for students to use when unforeseen circumstances occur
  • describe the purpose of the fund and how students can benefit from accessing the support


To be eligible for the SEF you must be

  • A current Carleton student (All domestic, international, undergraduate and graduate students are eligible)
  • Experiencing an unforeseeable situation resulting in short term financial hardship

It is encouraged that if you intend to apply for the SEF, that students also verify their eligibility for government financial assistance.


Below are some examples of situations that do and do not qualify for SEF funding. Please note that this list if not comprehensive, and all students who could benefit from funding are encouraged to apply so that your individual circumstances can be reviewed by the SEF team. Funding does not replace losses experienced but provides monetary relief to address basic needs that may be in immediate need.

Common Situations that Qualify Situations that Do Not Qualify
  • Unexpected situations such as fires, floors, theft
  • Domestic abuse situations
  • Unexpected Prescription Medication Costs
  • Unexpected homelessness
  • Situations affected personal physiological and/or safety needs
  • Temporary food insecurity
  • Travel
  • Rent
  • Student fees/tuition
  • Debts
  • Anticipated future hardship
  • Costs related to being an academic student


While Carleton University will continue to support students in need though the SEF, it is important to recognize the financial and operational limitations of the program. The SEF does not have the financial capacity to supplement the extent of income lost by all students during the COVID-19 pandemic nor, the operational capacity to process applications for a majority of the student body. This is where government financial assistance programs play a key role. The federal and provincial governments of Canada have created several financial support mechanisms for residents and citizens of Canada – including international students, temporary foreign workers, and permanent residents.

Application Process

The steps in an application process for SEF funding as are follows:

  1. Review the criteria on this page to determine if you qualify for funding
  2. Use this application to submit your request for SEF Funding
  3. A member of the Care & Support Team at the Office of Student Affairs will review your application and determine the amount of funding you qualify for.
  4. A member of the team will reach out to you to discuss next steps. They will either send:
    • An approval email with an amount
    • A request for more information
    • A denial email
  5. In some cases, you will work with a Care & Support Manager to access and navigate additional supports that may be useful in your situation. In other cases, some additional helpful resources will also be provided via email.
  6. If approved for funding, you will receive another form where you submit your address
  7. A Care & Support Manager will process your cheque and mail it out to the address provided, which you can expect to receive within 10 business days of the cheque being requested.

Apply for the SEF

Submit Your Application

Additional Funding Resources