NOTE: Please review in full before applying.

The Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to Carleton University students experiencing short term financial hardship related to critical needs such as groceries, medications and utilities. In March 2020 Carleton University extended the capacity of the SEF to address increased need due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

While Carleton University will continue to support students in need though the SEF, it is important to recognize the financial and operational limitations of the program. The SEF does not have the financial capacity to supplement the extent of income lost by all students during the COVID-19 pandemic nor, the operational capacity to process applications for a majority of the student body. This is where government financial assistance programs play a key role. The federal and provincial governments of Canada have created several financial support mechanisms for residents and citizens of Canada – including international students, temporary foreign workers, and permanent residents.

It is critical that all Carleton students, domestic and international, who are considering applying to the SEF, verify their eligibility for government financial assistance. Not only does the assistance provided through government programs far exceed the capacity of the SEF, the operational capacity of government departments and agencies allows for expedite access to financial assistance through direct deposit (1-3 days for government funds vs 10 days for SEF funds).

The application below is designed to assist students in determining their eligibility for three major government assistance programs, before applying to the SEF:

While this tool is updated regularly, it should NOT be used in place of information provided via government sources.Student should visit the Canadian federal governments’ COVID-19 economic response website to verify their eligibility for government financial assistance and apply for applicable programs.

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