All full-time graduate and undergraduate students who have NOT been awarded a TA for a particular academic term can now express interest in becoming a TA. This includes the following students who are deemed to be “Outside Priority” i.e.

  • Do not hold a Priority TA
  • are on an “approved” program extension, or
  • who have already completed all of their TA priority assignments.

The deadline date to complete your expression of interest is Sunday, December 15, 2019, for the winter term.

Deadlines to apply to be an “out-of-priority” TA are as follows: December 15 (Winter term), April 15 (Spring/Summer term) and August 15 (Fall/Winter term).

If you require assistance, please email

To express interest, go to Carleton Central. On the Main Menu, look under TA Management, then choose TA Outside Priority Applications and follow the instructions.

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