Office of the Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management)

Janice O’Farrell is the Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management) at Carleton University. In this position, Janice is responsible for providing leadership and direction in the development and implementation of enrolment management policy and programs through recruitment and admission initiatives, financial aid and to collaborate with other areas of the university to retain students through to completion of their degrees. She also oversees the responsibilities and operations of the Academic Advising Centre the University Registrar’s Office.

Janice has worked in the field of post-secondary education for over 24 years. At Carleton, she has acted as Director of Awards and Financial Aid and then Director of Admission Services before taking on her current role as Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management).

Reporting Offices

Mark Snowden, Manager, IT Strategic Initiatives

Academic Advising Centre
Mike Labreque, Manager
Admission Services
Jen Sugar, Director
Awards and Financial Aid Office
Perry Legakis, Director
International Recruitment and Admissions
Sarah Ramish, Director
Undergraduate Recruitment Office
Jennifer Elliott, Director
University Registrar’s Office
Dotty Nwakanma, Associate Registrar (Records and Enrolment)