The Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment) (OVPSE) is dedicated to offering students a comprehensive range of academic and personal support through the application process, over the course of their university experience and after they have graduated.

Our Strategic Plan, Supporting Student Success, identifies themes, goals and actions tied to supporting students and offering strategic direction for the OVPSE and its offices. This plan integrates with Carleton University’s Strategic Integrated Plan – Collaboration, Leadership and Resilience: Sustainable Communities – Global Prosperity.

The following themes have been identified by OVPSE offices as the key areas to focus on in our Strategic Plan.

  1. Student Success
  2. Employability and Future Success of Carleton Students
  3. Coordination and Collaboration
  4. Sustainable Enrolment Management
  5. OVPSE Staff Leadership and Development

Read the full OVPSE Strategic Plan – Supporting Student Success – 2016-2018