The novel COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant shifts in the way we approach our work in the Students and Enrolment division. For the safety of our communities, we have committed to practicing social distancing and transitioned our daily work to be remote.

While we continue to work remotely, the Staff Engagement Opportunities webpage is intended to help share all the ways we can continue to stay engaged and connected to our colleagues, teams and communities. The entire Carleton community has been impacted by these changes, so our goal is to not only plan initiatives for the Students and Enrolment division, but to centralize all the initiatives taking place across the campus in one place. The Office of Quality Initiatives (OQI) has also developed a fantastic web page for Resources and Tips for Working Remotely, which you may find helpful.

We have transitioned our Staff Engagement Opportunities site to the Student Support Intranet, so please visit our Intranet site for all the latest opportunities!