Through the provision of mental health education and training, Carleton University strives to deliver information and resources to members of our community who are supporting students experiencing mental health challenges. Raising mental health awareness is a key factor in creating a healthy, supportive and inclusive campus community as it improves our understanding of the impact of mental health on academic, relationship, workplace and personal success. Connecting students to timely, professional care is a critical factor in helping students to resolve issues that may impact success in any of these areas.

The following workshops and resources are designed to continue to build campus capacity in recognizing indicators of concern and in knowing how to respond to students who are in distress and connect them to the variety of resources and supports available to students.


Supporting Students in Distress Workshop

The Supporting Students in Distress 1-hour workshop is intended to help staff and faculty identify a student in distress and to be aware of the steps that can be taken to connect a student to support. The information covered in the workshop includes:

  • How to recognize signs which may indicate that a student is struggling
  • What to do if a distressed student approaches you for help
  • How to distinguish between urgent and non-urgent situations and what to do in each case
  • The support services available on campus to assist you should you have any questions or if you need to make a referral for a student

Workshops are available by request. Please fill out the following form to schedule a workshop.

Online Resources

More Feet on the Ground was developed by the Council of Ontario Universities, Brock University and the Ontario government and has been customized for Carleton.

It is an online training tool that provides information about common mental health and addiction concerns, including signs/symptoms, treatment options, facts and statistics, and stories of lived experience that are specific to post-secondary students. The tool is interactive in nature, containing several modules that can be completed with flexibility, including a brief online assessment of learning, references to local resources, and a certificate upon completion.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment) by email to schedule an education and information session for your office.