Student life can be very stressful. Most students juggle heavy course loads with work, family and other commitments. Chronic stress is often made worse by crises: unforeseen events that can catch students off guard.

As members of the Carleton University community, we all have concern for the well being of our students. We also have a role to play in identifying students who are in distress. Recognizing the signs of distress, and responding with concern and interest, are important factors in helping students resolve the problems they are facing and continue to be successful in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

Urgent situations
Situations requiring immediate referral

If you are faced with the following situations, dial 4444 from any phone on campus to connect to University Safety.

  • Threats and/or disruptive behaviour
  • Direct or indirect reference to suicide

Alternatively, if you are comfortable, you can walk the student to Health and Counselling Services, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Note: If the student is off-campus, dial 911 and also notify University Safety. If you are unsure if the situation warrants a 911 call, you can call the Crisis Line at 613-722-6914.

Non-urgent but concerning situations
Care Report

If you are very concerned about a student’s behaviour and would like to make record of a conversation or incident with a particular student, please fill out the Care Report. This will automatically begin the process of creating a confidential file in the Office of Student Affairs, and the Director or Case Manager in the Office of Student Affairs will begin the process of monitoring the student for signs that he/she may be at-risk.