1. Do you want to formally report under the Sexual Violence Policy?
    1. 1. Filing a report
    2. 2. Initial assessment
    3. 3. Investigation
    4. 4. Report
    5. 5. Review
    6. 6. Decision
    7. 7. Appeal
  2. Resources
    1. Disclosure in an emergency
    2. Disclosure in a non-emergency
    3. On-Campus Support Services
    4. Off-Campus Support Services
    5. Additional informtation

This is a web version of Formally Reporting an Experience of Sexual Violence.

Download the Formally Reporting an Experience of Sexual Violence (PDF, 727 KB)

Do you want to formally report under the Sexual Violence Policy?

Throughout the process, confidentiality must and will be maintained at all times. Whichever option you choose, there is always support.

If no: If you choose not to file a formal complaint, a full range of support services and alternative options remain available to you. Please contact the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities for additional information and to discuss your options. carleton.ca/equity

If yes: If you choose to file a formal complaint, the process is as follows,

1. Filing a report

To file a formal complaint, students need to send a statement to the AVP (Student Affairs). Academic employees need to send a statement to the Director, Labour Relations (Academic), Office of the Deputy Provost. Professional services employees need to send a statement to the Director, Labour Relations, Human Resources. The Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities can support you through this process.

2. Initial assessment

The Sexual Violence Review Committee (SVRC) will assess the formal complaint and determine if the complaint appears to fall within the definition of sexual violence as set out in the Sexual Violence Policy.

If the Policy does not apply: You can appeal the SVRC’s assessment to the University Secretary within 10 business days.

If the Policy applies: The SVRC will appoint an investigator who has competence in conducting investigations related to allegations of sexual violence to investigate the complaint.

3. Investigation

The investigator conducts the investigation in a fair, impartial and timely manner. During the investigation, the complainant and respondent may prepare written statements that are shared with each party.

4. Report

After the investigation is finished, the investigator sends a written confidential report of the findings of the investigation to the SVRC, the complainant and the respondent.

5. Review

The final report is reviewed by the SVRC. The complainant and respondent are provided the opportunity to address the SVRC in writing and orally.

6. Decision

Following review of the report and any representations, the SVRC will make its decision and can recommend consequences or measures as appropriate.

7. Appeal

The complainant and/or the respondent can choose to appeal the decision made by the SVRC within 15 days to the University Secretary. The Appeal Board is convened to review the appeal.

In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the Sexual Violence Policy will take precedence.


Disclosure in an emergency

In an emergency (i.e., imminent threat of sexual violence or sexual violence actually occurring, and/or of harm to a person) a report can be made in the following ways:

On-campus: 613-520-4444
(4444 from any on-campus phone)

Off-campus: 911
(Notify Campus Safety Services)

In person: Campus Safety Services
203 Robertson Hall

When a person discloses an incident of sexual violence to Campus Safety Services, they will inform the survivor of the supports available through Equity and Inclusive Communities.

Disclosure in a non-emergency

If the individual is comfortable with you doing so, contact Equity and Inclusive Communities regardless of whether the sexual violence has occurred on or off campus.

Equity and Inclusive Communities will provide information about available supports and services, including information about interim measures that may be available to address immediate needs.

Equity and Inclusive Communities is the point of contact for a person affected by sexual violence to request academic, employment or other accommodations.

On-Campus Support Services

Sexual Assault Support Centre

Counselling Services
613-520-6674 (press 2)

Campus Safety Services
General inquiries: 613-520-3612
Emergencies: 613-520-4444

Off-Campus Support Services

Ottawa Police Service
General inquiries: 613-236-1222

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre
24 hour crisis line: 613-562-2333
General inquiries: 613-562-2334

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa
24 hour crisis line: 613-234-2266
General inquiries: 613-725-2160

Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital
613-798-5555 ext. 13770

Additional informtation

For additional information about supporting students and for a comprehensive list of all resources, please visit our website: carleton.ca/equity

Equity and Inclusive Communities
3800 Carleton Technology & Training Centre
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.