The 2017 summer class schedule is now available in Carleton Central. At this time, only course offerings are available. Instructor information will be posted on March 13, and room information will be available on April 24.

Registration information, including timetickets and important dates for the summer term will be posted at on January 6.

8 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Course Offerings Available”

  1. Jamie says:

    Will there be a selection of online courses held in the summer?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      You can search for a list of online courses by selecting “show online courses” from the “special criteria” box in the public class schedule ( Also, information about our online course offerings can be found at

  2. Asfand Tarar says:

    Can I have more info regarding the opportunities for international highschool students?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      The CUOL (Carleton University Online) office may be able to better assist you with the type of information you are looking for. You can consult their website at

  3. Jana says:

    Will there be additional courses offered in the summer for civil and environmental engineering? If yes, when would be the best date for me to check carleton central?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the department directly ( as they manage the course offerings.

  4. Annette says:

    I would like to know if the following courses are offered in the summer as a on line course? Soci 2000, soci 2001,or soci 3000, soci 2005?
    Please let me know.


    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the Department of Sociology and Anthropology directly at to inquire about their course offerings.

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