Registration information for the 2017 Summer session is now available.  You can view timetickets, registration dates, and other important information at  The 2017 Summer class schedule is now available in Carleton Central.

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  1. Hussain Al-Baidhani says:


    I’ve registered for 4 courses only (Math 1004, Chem1101, Ecor1010 & Ecor1606). Majoring in Computer system Eng. Anyways, I’m planning to take summer courses, because I’m late, obviously.

    How many course can I register for in the summer term? when will it start? And how much does a course cost? (I’m an international student tho).

    1. kellylauzon says:

      If you are already a degree student at Carleton, you can take up to 2.0 credits in the summer session. If you are not a degree student (ie: a special student), you are limited to 1.0 credit in the summer session. Please visit this webpage to find out about the appropriate dates for the summer session. You can contact Student Accounts ( to inquire about student fees.

  2. Meera M says:

    I am starting as a new student next fall. Can I also register for the summer session before the fall?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the Registrar’s Office directly with this question (

  3. Amal says:

    Im from Indonesia. How can apply and join with Law doctoral program? Im so interest.

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs ( for more information about applying to graduate programs at Carleton.

  4. Emranul Huq says:

    Hello, my name is Emranul Huq. I am going to apply in Master of Accounting (MAcc) on Fall 2017(part time). But before applying for MAcc program, I have to take Advanced Management Accounting (BUSI 4008) as an individual student at Carlton on early summer (May 1 to June 13). I already talked to Professor Jacques Maurice, Director, Master of Accounting Program (MAcc). He advised to take this course in summer (May-June) 2017.

    Would you please explain how can I register as an individual student for the above mentioned course (BUSI 4008) in summer? Please mention the required documents I need to send for the admission as well.


    1. kellylauzon says:

      You will need to apply to study as a Special Student for the summer term. More details on how to apply are available here:

  5. Pinal Shah says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I ​am Pinal Shah Canadian Resident (Landed Immigrant), LLB graduate from India. I have ​assess​ed my LLB degree with NCA (National Committee on Accreditation) and according to their letter I have to do six courses which are as follows:
    1. Canadian Criminal Law

    2. Canadian Administrative Law

    3. Canadian Constitutional Law

    4. Foundations of Canadian Law

    5. Business Organizations

    6. Canadian Professional Responsibility

    Please find enclosed here with NCA assessment letter for your ready reference. Kindly confirm the procedure to complete aforementioned courses.

    I would appreciate if you could help me out.

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the Registrar’s Office directly via email at

  6. Rachel Gomes says:

    I want to take some class in the summer and was wondering if U-Pass (bus pass) is available in the summer.

    Thanks for your help

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Information about the summer u-pass is available at

  7. Meaghan says:

    Is there a chance I’d be able to register for 2.5 credits if that is all I need to graduate?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please email the Registrar’s Office directly at to inquire about an overload for the summer session.

  8. Winnie says:

    Can I register for 2.0 classes in early summer and 2.0 classes in late summer?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      The Academic Regulations of the university (see section 6.4 of the undergraduate calendar) state that the normal course load is 1.0 credit in the early summer, and 1.0 credit in the late summer. To register in more than this, you must apply to the Registrar’s Office for an overload.

  9. Kira Geisterfer-Black says:

    I am currently in first year, how can I register for a second year summer course, before I have completed my exams?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      You will have to submit a Registration Error Override via Carleton Central to seek permission to register in the course.

  10. Zheng says:

    Is it possible to add psyc3300 or 3400 in this summer session?

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Please contact the Psychology department directly ( concerning course offerings.

  11. Joy says:

    I would like to register for summer classes and currently have holds which are restricting me. I am currently working on gathering documentation for a tuition change from international to domestic; which when done will be converted into a full payment. It has only taken this long as I was unaware that I was eligible all along. Is there any alternative I could use to lift the holds in order for me to register for classes before they close? I know that the best way would be to present the documentation but unfortunately, I will have to wait about 2 weeks from now for them to be complete. Also are there any payment plans for students?

    Thank you.

    1. kellylauzon says:

      All fee related questions should be directed to the Student Accounts office at

  12. Danting Chen says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Hi, I have already registered courses(LANG 1010, BUSI 1402) for my early summer, but I wander that when was the exams of these two courses.

    1. kellylauzon says:

      Early summer term exams are held from June 19-25.

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