Registration for Summer 2017 will open on March 23. The normal due dates and penalties for late payment apply once tuition fees are applied.

After you have added your courses, please view the ‘Calculate Amount to Pay’ screens.  These screens will provide an overview of all outstanding fees and available funding (e.g. Scholarships, Bursaries, Graduate funding) based on your registration activity for the selected term. You will be able to view the amount of fees due and assign any available funding towards the payment of your fees.

Your balance for the term, less any payments or payment arrangements, will be displayed on the final screen as the ‘Amount to Pay’. You are required to submit the amount shown on the Amount to Pay line in accordance with the deadline for the term (see the dates and deadlines page for full details). Visit the Student Accounts website for details on the various payment methods accepted at Carleton.

The amount you are assessed for fees is comprised of a tuition amount, as well as amounts for compulsory fees, such as Athletics, Health Services, Students’ Association, etc. These fees are an allocation of the approved total fees and are compulsory. The University uses a portion of every student’s fees, as approved by the Board of Governors, to support services on campus. These fees are not user based; therefore, if you do not use one of these services you are not eligible for a refund of that portion.

You should view your Student Account regularly to keep up-to-date on any amount owing. The Student Account is your notice of amounts due. Additionally, E-statements will be sent to your Carleton email address monthly to remind you of any outstanding payment obligations.  Charges are due as they are incurred.  Course registration will not be considered cancelled due to non-payment; you must withdraw via Carleton Central to cancel your courses.

To avoid late charges, allow enough time for the processing of internet/telephone banking or payments. A non–refundable late registration charge will apply after the financial deadline. Interest charges will accrue daily and apply monthly on any outstanding balance.

If you make changes to your course selections, view your re-calculated tuition fees by clicking ‘Calculate Amount to Pay’ from the link in Step 4.

Course selection or course drop will result in an assessment of tuition fees, and may also impact your Ontario Student Loan, and your academic requirements. For details, please consult the following:

Fees: Student Accounts (Business Office)

Academic Requirements:

Ontario Student Loan, Scholarships and Bursaries: Awards Office