Undergraduate Admission

Students wishing to proceed to an undergraduate degree at the University must apply for admission and be formally admitted. For admission requirements, application procedures, and deadlines see the Undergraduate Calendar. Although September is the normal point of entry for new undergraduate students each year, some individuals may also be admitted in May and July. Those wishing to begin their undergraduate studies in the summer term may register as Special students while their application for admission to the summer or the following fall/winter term is pending. Individuals who are in doubt about their eligibility for undergraduate admission are encouraged to inquire with Admissions Services, 315 Robertson Hall.

Visiting or Special Students

Special students are those who have not been admitted to a degree program at Carleton University but who are taking degree-credit courses to qualify for admission, for professional development, for transfer credit, or for personal interest.

New special students must complete an application to register as a special student. Applications are available online.

A non-refundable application fee is required at the time of application.

University of Ottawa Exchange Agreement

Undergraduate students wishing to take courses at the University of Ottawa should inquire at the Registrar’s Office, 300 Tory Building, well in advance of registration for detailed information and application forms.

Registration for University of Ottawa undergraduate students studying at Carleton University during the summer session begins at 8:30 a.m. on April 13.

NOTE: Carleton students participating in the U of Ottawa exchange must ensure that they do not register in course timetable conflicts.

Carleton students studying at the University of Ottawa should follow this checklist.
Student from the University of Ottawa studying at Carleton University should follow this checklist.

Letters of Permission

Carleton undergraduate students who wish to take courses at another institution must apply for a Letter of Permission through the Registrar’s Office well in advance of registration; see the Letter of Permission webpage for full details.

Students from other universities attending Carleton on a Letter of Permission register as special students. In order to register for courses, students must apply for special student status.  Students should include a copy of their letter of permission with the application.  Registration for courses begins March 27 via Carleton Central.

Summer Residence

Do you need somewhere to stay while studying at Carleton this summer? Carleton University offers long-term summer residence (minimum of 30 nights) for active Carleton students wishing to register in courses or live on campus throughout the summer. Visit the Housing and Residence Life Services website for full details.

English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR)

Students whose native language is not English will be required to meet the University English as a Second Language Requirements (ESLR).  Questions, including those on how to register, should be directed to the School of Linguistics and Language Studies.