Weekly Sustainability Tip – Buying Local

Did you know?

Did you know that shipping goods from where they’re produced to where they’re sold and consumed are a rapidly growing source of greenhouse gases?

In Canada, carbon emissions from freight travel grew by 147% between 1990 and 2018. Specifically, emissions from freight trucks more than tripled, and emissions from other modes of freight transportation increased by 6%.

How to get started …

Source any products, materials, equipment and supplies locally when you can. It reduces the environmental impact of us as both individuals, as a Carleton community and our supply chain by reducing shipping distances!

Shopping in the time of COVID-19 …

Local businesses have been hit hard by the current lockdown measures. Supporting them with your purchases signals a commitment to Ottawa’s economic recovery and sustainability. A number of local businesses, including cafes and restaurants are still open for curbside pick up and free local delivery.

Why shop local?
• You strengthen the local economy. Money invested in local businesses is more likely to stay in the community.
• Reduce your carbon footprint. Local businesses reduce transportation impacts, reducing pollution, sprawl, and congestion.
• Increase job opportunities. Local businesses hire locally, creating jobs and circulating wages.
• Build strong communities! Keep Ottawa’s local businesses community strong, vibrant and resilient.

How to support local during COVID?
• Order from local businesses online.
• Share experiences on social media or word of mouth.
• Reschedule, don’t cancel.
• Leave a nice review.
• Purchase gift cards now to use later.

Here are a few links to support local:

Shop Ottawa – online directory of local businesses, products and services

Local Eats Ottawa – offers a compiled list of Ottawa restaurants offering food delivery or pickup.

Savour Ottawa – your one-stop site on how to buy locally produced food and beverages in the Ottawa region.

Together Apart – local spots to order from and support

Edible Ottawa – directory of local food services

Cheerfully Made – supporting local craft makers

Curious to learn more?

Carleton has a large potential for influencing suppliers and service providers within our region. For more information on sustainable procurement visit our campus operations pages.

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