Carleton, set outside the downtown Ottawa core, is a destination campus for those visiting either from the city or from communities outside our region. With an O-Train stop in the centre of the campus, and good bus links over 70% of visitors travel to the campus by either public transport or active transportation. Carleton is focusing on reducing single occupancy travel and encouraging more sustainable travel modes.

Bike 2 Work Month

Bike 2 Work month in May encourages the Carleton community to think about changing their habits and give cycling a go. The program includes a Carleton team challenge where riders log their mileage to win prizes, a workshop on urban cycling providing participants with tips on biking to work, and free bike tune-ups.

Car Pooling

Carleton has partnered with the City of Ottawa, Travel Wise program to offer a car pooling website to enable staff and faculty to match their ride.

In addition, a new service Commute Ontario is also available to the community to offer the opportunity to find a ride match here on campus, and an active transportation program and guaranteed ride home program, should your carpool partner not be able to drive.

More information on Commute Ontario at Carleton University can be found here.


Carleton has partnered with Bird Canada to bring e-scooters to our campus and test the viability of the e-scooters as a means for traveling to and from our campus. The Bird e-scooters will not be permitted for riding on the main campus but are permitted to ride to the edge of our campus and to two nests (parking sites) for convenience.

E-Scooters can help to reduce single rider automobile use and encourage healthy lifestyles by providing a new transportation option to access our campus.

More information and policy guidelines can be found here.

Transport Demand Management

For more information on our TDM programs including carpooling, carsharing programs and Electric Parking stations go to TDM parking.

How can you… travel sustainably?

Ride my bike/walk/(skate in the Winter!) to work as often as possible

By biking or walking you can do your part to reduce the consumption and production of gasoline, which consists of a large part of the average Canadian’s carbon footprint. Biking is also a great low-impact exercise that makes your cardiovascular system and leg muscles stronger, leading to a healthier life.

What can you do?

  • Fix your bike using the Fix-It station located near the Architecture building
  • Rent a bike on campus, see above

Use public transportation as much as possible

Public transportation can cut down on the energy use and emissions caused by transportation, which is the one of the top three sources of pollution. Public transportation works best when people use it, and so as more people use the buses and trains that are available, our society’s collective carbon footprint can dramatically decrease.

Carpool as often as possible

Carpooling or car sharing takes motor vehicles off the road and can help keep your car in better condition. Cutting just 25 miles a week from your driving (which may just be 2 trips to and from campus) can save 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year! And with the number of cars and trucks on the road is constantly increasing, sharing rides can help keep cars off the road and reduce the headache of traffic jams.

What can you do?

  • To help find carpool partners coming from your home location to Carleton University register for ride matching within the City of Ottawa area at

Use video conferences rather than business trips whenever possible

The first step toward becoming a green traveller is to ask yourself, do I even need to travel at all? Is it possible, for example, to achieve your goals with a teleconference?

Combine errands to reduce your need to travel

By combining errands, you are using your vehicle more efficiently. This reduces the mileage and the related gas expense and decreases pollution.

What can you do?

  • Before driving to run an errand, ask if it is within walking or biking distance
  • Try to carpool with friends to run your errands together and catch up
  • If you drive to and from campus, use one of the drives to run some errands and eliminate an extra trip

Take the Sustainability Pledge